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Relationship Essay

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Essay #2
The definition of a relationship is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. When you hear the word, people automatically think of relationships being between two human beings. People can have a special relationship with anything. It can be with an object which captivates you, a gift you received from family member, or even a space which is only your own. An important relationship in my life happens to be with my television. The relationship with my television has made me very grateful since it has become my source of comfort, control, escapism and knowledge.
My television is my rock of sorts. The one thing I can always turn to when I am searching for comfort. Many of you are probably wondering how my TV is able to give me a source of comfort when it is an inanimate object. Well, thats the greatest thing about it. If one is depressed, then the TV is just a few clicks away ...view middle of the document...

I get that with my television. When I get the television remote it gives me a sense of power, even if just temporarily. One can watch whatever their heart desires and change the channel whenever one wants. My TV is even voice activated if one chooses to not even use the remote. I pretty much monopolize the TV in my house and everyone else, for the most part, humors me by letting me be in control. When one has the remote in their hands, one feels in control. Even if in the grand scheme of life, it really isn’t that important. I will enjoy the small victories.
On a daily basis, one can find escapism someplace. Whether its in a phone, an ipod, or even a book. For me, its in television. Sometimes the world around me becomes too much and I just need an escape from it all like when school becomes too stressful or if my family is too much. Thats when my television gets turned on and I become lost in my own TV world. It’s a small escape from reality that we all need from time to time. When the television is on it takes my mind off things and instantly relaxes me. And in the midst of escaping reality, I find I actually learn things.
Acquiring knowledge is easier than you think, when watching television. One doesn’t only get a look at what’s happening in the world or brush up on pop culture, but they actually gain useful knowledge from sports to cooking. It allows me to broaden my horizons in areas that would normally not interest me. I learn from watching historical documentaries on the History channel or gain knowledge of animals watching animal planet. Throwing in the occasional romantic comedy doesn’t hurt in showing me how to treat the ladies either. While watching television one can retain information without even realizing it. Sometimes I even blurt out information that I didn’t realize I even knew. So many times I am asked, “How you do you know that?” I tell them I learned it watching something on TV.
Some may find it strange that I have such a special relationship with my television and might even call it an obsession. None of that matters to me, a relationship is what you make it. As the definition states, a relationship is about a connection. I definitely have a connection with television.

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