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Relationship Characteristics Essay

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Relationship Characteristics

Relationship Characteristics
The relationship that I am going to reference is the one that I have with my mother. My mother was recently divorced and I am clueless what is wrong with her. My mother use to be the type of person that could do everything for herself, financially, documents etc. Now that she has a power of attorney she acts like she is completely helpless. My sister and I have tried helping her to the best of our ability to be able to deal with the divorce that she wanted. When my father left and moved to NC he would call me every day and complain about my mother and I did not want to hear it so I would tell my dad I had to go and now my ...view middle of the document...

She is a different person than when I was a child. I use to know what would set her off and now the littlest thing will make her go off the deep end. My mother does not know much about me anymore because we had a good year where we did not talk and I did a lot of adjusting to what and who was in my life.
Trust: Lately I do not know how much of what my mom tells me is true because I have caught her telling me things that were not true because I had gone to my sister with the information and my sister confirmed it was not true. I do not even know that I can trust telling my mom something personal and her not go and tell somebody because she talks about everyone lately. I use to be able to tell my mom everything.
Mutuality: My mom and I use to have a relationship that was really close. We use to do everything together from shopping to just having a cup of tea. Since I moved two and half hours away from my mom it is hard to do everything together. When I do go to the area where my mom lives I do not even want to go see her because I know all she is going to do is complain about everything and I personally do not want to hear negative things anymore.
Commitment: I am committed to my mother because she is my mother. Even when my mom and I were not talking I cared about what happened to her. I do not want to shut her out again but it is getting very hard not to. I am happy and hearing all the...

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