Relationship Between The Bible And Power And Politics

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The power and politics has been an issue since ancient times and still every much exist. Since biblical times, we as human beings have been battling power and politics as a problem of the world. The human society can trace our efforts to control this problem back to the greatest book every written, "The Holy Bible". Also, within power and political influences throughout WWI & WWII, the cold war, and this tension between the Third World and West end countries. Power and politics are not likely buddies, although ethical standards can progress into gain. Just as stated in the biblical story of Abner,
And Abner had communication with the elders of Israel, saying, ye sought for David in times ...view middle of the document...

Now, these former enemies sit and eat together at one table--thus symbolizing the union of their nation. Abner then asked David's okay to go and gather all of Israel, so David maybe king over all. Abner started on his journey to end a war and was successful in his efforts by communicating with showing respect. Thus, showing the control of power and politics as the power of one individuals' influences with the word of God along with the political influence of giving David what he already wanted, which was to be king over the nation.

With power and politics influencing today's workforce however, there are some Abner(s) and some David(s). The biggest hurdle to conquer might be the fact that most David(s) are expanded together as a board of directors and with that the decision-making is not that easy. As referenced by David Oliver and Johan Roos, "Organizations operating in high velocity business environments face the challenge of making strategic decisions in … rapid change, ambiguity of information, and lack of ability to verify key facts. A vast literature of research into cognitive knowledge structures provides a useful basis for beginning to understand organizational decision making." (Organization and Management Theory: Conference Paper Abstract, 2003, pg77) So, a way to influence the power side of the board of directors is to appeal to what makes more finances without using current finances. If Abner were to...

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