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Relationship Between Men And Women Essay

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Relationship between Men and womenIntroductionRelationship between woman and men is multisided as well as quite complex and. In this relationship there might be love, as well as unleashed passion, make individuals life bright, full of emotions and impressions.Discussion"Ligeia"In this story the beautiful relations ship of men and women described, in this story the narrator of the story Edgar Allan Poe describes the prettiness beauty as well as attractiveness of her wife, Ligeia the name of the narrator's wife, in this story there is a description of her beauties, Ligeia was a slender and tall with pale skin and long black hair, in this story there is a description that both husband and wife was enjoying their life in a very romantic and beautiful manner, unfortunately wife passed away, she left her loving husband alone and left the world for ever, his husband became said because he loss his ...view middle of the document...

The story named "The Spectacles" is written by Edgar Allan Poe, this is a comedy story regarding one side love, the narrator of the story is a young and energetic man, who fall in love with a noble and beautiful women, the in this story narrator man keep on trying to pursuit of women to whom he consider that he is in love, but that was one sided love with women, he was doing one sided love, there is a questions raise in this story either a man should do one sided love, with out knowing completely about the women, if there answer is in positive then man should be always ready for the comedy or tragedy end, because there are number of wise individuals consider that there is no good of one sided love, there might be happened some thing wrong or tragedy as a consequences of one sided love (Allan, pp259-261)."The Pit and the Pendulum"The Poe's story named "the Pit and the Pendulum" is one of a popular story; in this story the strong ness of the men's nature described, in this story there is role of man describes who attempt to survive in a torture chamber at the time of Spanish Inquisition, one, it is a reality that it was harmful inquisitions in the past. In this story there is a description that if there is a sentence to death in a chamber of torture, what man would do, this story reflects a strong ness of men (Allan, pp265-268).ConclusionIt is better for both men and women in their relationship that, don't show insulted feelings and bad mood, because these practices can be seriously effect the relationship in a very adverse manner.Work CitedAllan, Edgar; 2005; Tales of Mystery and Imagination; Kessinger Publishing; ISBN 1419115928, 9781419115929; pp259-261.Allan, Edgar; 2008; Edgar Allan Poe's Annotated Short Stories; Bottletree Books LLC;ISBN1933747188, 9781933747187; pp265-268

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