Relationship Between Management Communication Style And Organizational Commitment With Gender As The Moderating Factor

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Communication problems and leadership issues sometimes contribute to unsuccessful organizational change efforts. For the Design, we will be using the Descriptive Study method, Review Study method and the Cross-sectional Study Method.

The data will be collected through questionnaire from different organizations. In this study we mention the other factors that are related to the communication style satisfaction and due to this, the employee performance increases . The study shall incorporate findings from employee interviews, executive interviews, as well as a large-scale survey of employees to better understand the role of rich communication in the context of relationship management with employees. The findings are important to organizations, as they may enable management to understand the importance of effective in communication style on organizational commitment to success


Background Of Study
A research on the moderating effect of gender on the relationship between management communication style and organizational commitment set the background of this study. The purpose of this research was to gain a better understanding of the relationships between management communication style and organizational commitment by using gender as the moderator. Gender is seen as one factor that can affect to how the management communication style is use by the manager towards its subordinates.
The effectiveness of communication will motivate the employee to complete the task and job cheerfully. Other than that, effectiveness communication also can increase the creativity and idea of the employee. It also indirectly will increase the employee satisfaction towards their organization and their jobs. Specifically this purpose of this study was analyzed, identified and explored how gender as a moderator can affect the relationship between management communication style and the organizational commitment in the organization. This study also was determined the level of commitment of the employees towards the organization.

Problem Statement
1. The effectiveness of the communication can affect level of organizational commitment among the employees in the organization. It actually helps employees in doing their work. An analysis of previous studies found that poor communication can easily cause miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict among the employees.
2. Poor communication also can increase the dissatisfaction of the employees. Sender will face the misunderstanding because the receiver does not understand what sender means.
3. Culture differences in the organization will also cause communication problems. Communication in this culture differences will confuse each of the employees. Although they still use the same language, they still not clearly about the message that are delivered to them because of the language dialect.

* To determine which dimensions of management communication style...

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