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Relationship Between Lennie And George In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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Lennie and George are considerably different from the other ranch workers mainly unlike the workers who are all shown to be lonely, George and Lennie have each other. They relay on each other and their dreams together. There is a bond of trust and friendship between the two main characters which is tragically highlighted in the closing lines of the novel.The novel 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck is set in the early 1930's following the collapse of the New York wall street market known as the depression years.In this time there was heavy unemployment; migrant workers from all over America came to California where the novel is set in the Salinas valley in search of prospects of work. The ...view middle of the document...

So he reaches to feel a girls red dress and the girl screams, Lennie gets scared all he can think to do is hold on and that George had to hit him with a fence picket to make him let go. Again Lennie's strength becomes an issue and the writer almost foretelling the future. George is afraid of Lennie not understanding right from wrong and his strength scares George making him think that he might to what he did at weed again.Lennie is shown to be a child in a mans body . throughout the book he wants to be told their dream almost like a bed time story and doesn't feel closure until he has been told it. And again like a child he likes soft and fury things relating to the reason why he likes to touch dresses. Lennie's greatest fear of the all is that he won't be able to tend the rabbits if he did something wrong like the incident at weed again, he is also afraid of his own strength and not being able to let go.Lennie and George's dream of having a place of their own 'living of the fat of the land' and Lennie and his alfalfa patch and tending the rabbits, keep's them going and hoping that they won't have to worry about Lennie doing the wrong things again, and George being able to do what he wants do and not think about what will happen to Lennie. Their dreams create hope for other characters like Candy and Crooks even for a short while.On the face of it, it appears that Lennie, because of his mental immaturity, is totally reliant upon George for his survival and for obtaining work at various ranches. Equally important however, is the extent to which George relies on Lennie for companionship in the generally unfriendly and lonely environment of the migrant labourer. As George admits to Slim when discussing himself and Lennie 'it's a lot nicer to go around with a guy you know'. It can be seen; therefore that George might not be with Lennie purely out of a sense of pity or duty to Lennie's aunt Clara.From the start of the novel Steinbeck raises the questions in the minds of the reader about why these characters should be involved in such an unlikely partnership: George is short of stature, intelligent and projects self-confidence, Lennie on the other hand, is a giant of a man, ponderous in his gait and his mind of a young child.The course of events that unfold are tragic, most of it starts with Curley and his insecurity about his height and his always willing to pick a fight with bigger men to prove he is not weak. Steinbeck calls him calculating and pugnacious and gives him reptilian animal like qualities representing his behaviour to a crocodile while Lennie is shown to have bear and horse like qualities compared to animals with admirable traits.Ch 3 begins when Curley busts in looking for Slim who he thinks is with his wife. When Slim re-enters the room telling Curley that he's sick of Curley asking him about his wife. Curley can't fight with Slim so he moves to Carlson who warns him not to pick a fight with him, as they all join in Curley...

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