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Relationship Essay

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In case 1 , the main character Ken is facing some problems including pressure from family, lack of normal social cycle and heavy pressure from study. In the following paragraphs, I will give more details of the problems and suggest some relevant solutions to solve his problems.
First, the undue care from his parents makes Ken under pressure. As Ken is the only child in his family, his parents treat him well such as giving him what he wants and put all focus on him. Although his parents may not express their expectations to Ken , he knows that his parents’ hope on him. All parents including Ken’s parent want their children do well on academic aspect so they hope Ken can get a good result in ...view middle of the document...

Another problem is Ken does not have social activities with friends. After entering the College, Ken keeps a distance with his high school friends who get into university. When facing his high school friends, he feels ashamed because most of them can get into university and hence Ken thinks that there is difference between him and his friends. The friendship can easily be destroyed due to small slights so it is difficult to maintain his friendship with high school friends even when he gets into university Also, he even does not make friends in the College as he thinks the College is only the stepping stone of entering university and he does not need friends in the College, which causes him lack social activities such as hanging out or playing sports with friends .The most negative effect is he cannot obtain support from friends when facing heavy academic stress. As a result, he feels lonely in the life of College.
Building a social cycle is of paramount importance for Ken. He has to keep contact with his high school friends as whether getting into university or not should not be the factor affecting the friendship. Besides, it is necessary for Ken to make new friends in the College. Although Ken only stays a short period of time in the College, he needs to develop social relationship with his new classmates. If Ken build a healthy relationship with his classmates in the College, he can express his emotion to them, trust them and receive their support when he has difficulty, etc. Then, he will start to enjoy his life in the College and not be alone anymore.
The last problem he is facing is great academic pressure. Ken’s failure in DSE makes him lose confidence and form...

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