Relations Between Employees Essay

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Introduction ……………………………………………..……..1
Management of Interpersonal relationships………………….1
Employee Relationship Management (ERM)…………….…..2
Discrimination at work…………………………………………3
Effects of discrimination on performance……………….……4
Communication between employees……..................................4
Employee empowerment……………………………………….6

Relations between employees

In recent years the workforce of organizations has become more diversified in gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. This is mostly due to globalization. As a result the workforce these days at ...view middle of the document...

Some examples of such benefits are on-site daycare and the recognition of same sex couples in terms of benefits. Benefits of this nature project an image of the corporation that emphasizes acceptance and fairness. These characteristics are highly valued by prospective employees and are one of the primary factors considered when choosing between competing offers. From a management perspective the interpersonal relationships of employees is a delicate issue that requires attention.

The effective management of interpersonal relationships is intrinsically complex. From an organizational level it requires a corporate policy that defines what it considers a workplace relationship and specifies guidelines regarding what is and is not acceptable behavior. First and second level managers are then required to implement the corporate policy on the frontline. Also of concern is the method, if any, of enforcing such a policy.
The complications of workplace relationships are varied. There are obvious cases of problems within the relationship that are directly observable and able to be managed. But there are also cases where complications arise outside of the relationship. An important aspect of the management of interpersonal relationships is the ability to detect and resolve these complications fairly.
In resolving complications between employees the management should always be just and fair. For judging a problem and ruling unfairly could itself lead to even greater problems and complications. Therefore the management should always look into all the facts and always be neutral to both parties when judging a problem or conflict between employees.

Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
When talking about managers relations with their employees and about judging them we come to the concept of Employee Relationship Management. Employee Relationship Management is a science as old as business itself. Defining employee relationship management is more difficult than defining something like Customer Relationship Management. The nature of the relationship between a company and employee is far more complex than the relationship with customers. Customers simply go off to competitors when the relationship is not working while unhappy employees can remain for long periods in the company. Customers only experiences the company at some key points of truth while employees are daily experiencing a relationship with their employer. The employee experience the relationship with the employer from the moment the employee enters into a workspace. Their moments of truth is overshadowed by a total experience over a period of time.
A good relationship is a relationship where we can see an exchange of value between both the employer and the employee. Both parties must want to be part of that relationship and contribute to the relationship to work.
With good Employee Relationship Management there is a great potential that there would be a boost in...

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