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Clark Atlanta University
College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Public Administration

Sabine Kelly Augustin
Concept Paper

Master of Public Administration Program
Advisor: Dr. Rhonda L. Franklin

Fall 2014

Please use the following format to develop your concept paper (must be typed.)


1. Tentative Project Title: (No more than 15 words)

2. Name of Organization: (Name of Agency and/or Department/Unit)
United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Atlanta Medical Center
Quality Management

3. ...view middle of the document...

Quality improvement is evaluated by a framework created specifically for the VA, VA TAMMCS (vision, analysis, team, aim, map, measure, change, sustain and spread). This framework was taught to employees by the QM intern to assure that each employee understands their role in sustaining quality improvement.
October is Quality Improvement month throughout the healthcare industry, the intern was the commander in charger for the operation of informing VA employees and veterans about the current quality improvement initiatives. There were also monthly Quality Fairs organized by the intern to keep everyone updated about QM’s roles, initiatives and projects.
The intern’s most important role was interacting daily with the VA’s leadership and department chiefs. A daily morning meeting is held to update leaders and department chiefs about the hospitals stats, policies and operations. The intern was in charge of ensuring correct reports are updated and posted for the meeting. Also, the intern was responsible for correct reporting of monthly leadership minutes and recordings. Overall, the intern was accountable for many reports and projects for the Atlanta VA.

4. Problem Statement: Identify the administrative/management/policy problem(s) or issue(s) and discuss its connection to the field of public administration and student’s selected concentration.
The Atlanta VA Medical Center lacks standardization for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of Medical Center Memorandums and Policies.

5. Background: Describe what has been done so far to address the problem(s)/issue(s)
The Office of Quality Management (QM) is the central office for facility Medical Center Memorandum and Policies (MCMs) at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. “QM supports the mission of the medical center by monitoring process, identifying the deficiencies, educating staff, and facilitating improvements so that we can assist the medical center staff in providing a high quality of health and wellness service to our veterans.” (Office of Quality Management, 2012).
QM’s staff is responsible for facilitating “structure and foundation for key functions and processes of our organization.” (Office of Quality Management, 2013). MCMs are developed by subject matter experts with coordination, collaboration, review and input of key process owners and those impacted. “MCMs are consistent with legal and regulatory requirements and incorporate best practices as available. MCMs are reviewed or revised on a tri annual basis and/or amended in the interim to align with changes in law, regulatory requirements or processes.” (Office of Quality Management, 2013).

6. Significance: Discuss the importance of addressing this issue from public administration perspective.
As a public organization the Atlanta VA Medical Center operates by public policies. Therefore, it is vital that polices which are formulated are done so in a standard that each policy contains the same elements and...

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