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Reinforcement Strategies Essay

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Reinforcement Strategies
University of Phoenix
CJA 510
Organizational Administration and Behavior
Dennis Wallace, Yesenia West, Dione Jackson, Antonio Santini, Maria Arroyo,
Carolyn Newby-Ruffin
Douglas Bryant III, J.D.
January 31, 2011

It has been founded since 1923 that, The Walt Disney Company continues proudly to provide quality entertainment for every member of the family, across America, and around ...view middle of the document...

Disney’s Reinforcement Strategies for Employees
The Walt Disney Company has been in business since the 1920s. Disney is known for their excellent customer service and for providing a magical experience for children and adults. Disney not only provides a productive service to the customers but also to their employees as well. Disney uses various reinforcement strategies and incentive to motivate their employees.
Disney offers much insurance to ease the worries of their employees and to meet their needs, to name a few insurances they offer include,,, 4.medical, 5.home, and 6. pet for assurance. Employees also receive their pay weekly along with annual pay increases and bonuses based on work experience, job title, and performance.
For leisure and for an opportunity to relax from the stress of work and everyday life, employees receive free admission passes to all Disney parks, discounts at Disney restaurants and recreation, resort hotel price reductions and wellness programs employees can join.
For the advancement of employee skills and knowledge and for the benefit of the company, all employees receive training on matters involving professional development, technology advancements, and how to become more knowledgeable in the business. Along with these trainings, all employees have the opportunity to advance their skills by attending a Disney college that offers programs such as web design, human resources, finance, programming, accounting, and marketing, just to name a few. All these programs not only help with the improvement of the employee is also an advantage for the company. Disney will provide tuition reimbursement as needed or individual will only be able to enter into some of their student programs while on paid internship to make life easier.
Disney ensures that the meet the needs of all their employees, and it is this reason that Disney has been so successful for over 75 years (The Walt Disney Company, 2011).
Reinforcements Categorized
Successful organizations face many challenges when selecting, developing, using, and retaining employees. A lack of skills, exits in all segments of the workplace: courts, law enforcement, corrections, courts, hospitals, factories, constructions sites, government agencies, private organizations, and research facilities. In addition, leaner staffs necessitate efficient use of each employee. Workers have high expectations for challenging, varied work assignments, and development opportunities. Employees have a low tolerance for boredom and bureaucracy. These societal and workforce factors place an onus on organizations to create and categorize reinforcement strategies (Rollo, 2009).
In this paper, Team A choice, Disney as the organization. Team A will identify and address:...

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