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Rehabilitation Process Essay

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Rehabilitation Process
Paul Wall
CJA/234 – Introduction to Corrections
November 18, 2013
Instructor- Barry Lewis

Rehabilitation Process
Rehabilitation is a vital part of the criminal justice system process. The ultimate goal for
any convicted offender is to return to society a better person. There are several options in the
prison system when it relates to a prisoners release such as parole, and mandatory release.
Probation and community corrections are both options judges have at his or her disposal during
the sentencing process. Current rehabilitation options, the parole process, the probation system,
and community corrections are areas that often need to be ...view middle of the document...

Parole and Mandatory Release
Many inmates gain the opportunity to be paroled from prison if he or she displays good
behavior among other things. Parole is the conditional release of inmates by a parole board prior
to the expiration of their sentence (Seiter, 2011). The key word in the previous sentence is conditional. There are certain conditions that paroled individuals must adhere to when he or she is released from prison. These conditions vary among offenders, depending on his or her charges and individual cases.
Parole is different from mandatory release. There are two types of mandatory releases, supervised, and unconditional. Supervised mandatory release is a conditional release, as there are still requirements and conditions that must be met or fulfilled or offenders can be returned to prison (Seiter, 2011). Unconditional mandatory release is a type of release in which inmates serve the full portion of their sentence and have no supervision after release from prison (Seiter, 2011).
Definition of Probation
Probation is one of are several forms of punishment a judge can give a convicted
offender. Probation is a prison sentence suspended on the condition that the offender follows
certain prescribed rules and commit no further crimes (Seiter, 2011). Judges, prosecutors,
and defense attorneys realize that every convicted offender cannot be incarcerated. Intensive

probation programs, boot camps, and house arrest have been created to enhance supervision,

increase program effectiveness, and increasingly limit an offenders freedom (Seiter, 2011).

Probation is an alternative to other forms of sentencing because it allows convicted

individuals to remain free while following the guidelines placed before them. Other forms of

sentencing are suspended sentences, fines, restitution, and community service (Seiter, 2011).

Judges make the determination for imposing alternative sentences based on the severity and type

and of the crime. Other factors are the defendant’s criminal history, age of the defendant, the

effect of the crime on the victims, and the defendant’s remorse (Seiter, 2011).

Options of Community Corrections

Community corrections refer to the supervision of criminal offenders in the resident
population, as opposed to confining them in secure correctional facilities ("Bureau of Justice
Statistics,"2013). There are two main types of community corrections supervision, probation,
and parole. When an individual is convicted of a crime, the judge has the option of sentencing
him or her to any of these options. Both options usually will have something to do with the
community service. Community corrections are also referred to as community-based
Some options of community corrections are 24-hour residential programs that provide
a structured living environment for offenders who require supervision when not working or
looking for employment ("California...

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