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Rehabilitation Paper

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Rehabilitation and AB109 Paper

Denise Atkinson
Joseph Dempsey
October 17th, 2012

Rehabilitation and AB109 Paper
Offenders are always punished in different ways. Fundamentally, this is in a bid to restore and enhance a desirable state of social cohesion. The characteristic rehabilitation refers to efforts geared toward enabling an individual too effectively to readapt to society and assume practices which are consistent with the societal rules and regulations. In his research, Gottschalk (2006) indicates that the origin of the practice of rehabilitative imprisonment can be traced in penitentiaries constructed at the close of the nineteenth century and were informed by ...view middle of the document...

Unlike parole, mandatory release in some instances does not impose any form of obligations on the offender.
Another corrective form that is community oriented is probation. Basically, probation refers to sentencing that requires an offender to abide by certain conditions for a distinct period of time; that can be up to three years (Russell, 2006). During this particular time, the offender is required to follow the entire terms defined by the probation order. The terms of the probation order are determined by the type of offence of the individual. Thus the sentence of the affected individual is suspended. This is unlike conditional sentencing that requires the offender to serve the jail and adhere to strict rules at the same time. Discharge on the other hand allows the offender to go scot free, regardless even if they were found guilty. Nonetheless, Gottschalk (2006) argues that most discharges are conditional. They require the individual to adhere to certain probation orders.
Community corrections is an all encompassing term referring to various non incarcerative, yet supervisory approaches of dealing with the offenders facing conviction or those who are already convicted (Gottschalk, 2006). Basically, the commonly used options are parole and probation. Others include electronic monitoring, day fine programs, home confinement, restitution, halfway houses, community service, check in programs, furloughs, drug and alcohol checks, offender monitoring and reporting programs, curfews and mediation. In all these, Russell (2006) contends that offenders need to demonstrate their ability to maintain peaceful co-existence and refrain from engaging in criminal activities.
To date, a host of legislations have been implemented to foster sustainable rehabilitation of offenders. The most recent development in the Californian prison system includes the implementation and enforcement of the California Law AB 109. The law seeks to reform the California correctional system by stopping...

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