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Rehabilitation As A Punishment Criminal Justice

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In this paper I am going to talk about rehabilitation. I will elaborate on its definition and origin, dating back to 1945, where rehabilitation was really starting to evolve. I will then talk about the definition of parole and how it differs from mandatory release. Then I will go into probation, explaining what probation is and how it compares to the other forms of sentencing. Finally, I will talk about the definition of community corrections, and the different options of community corrections that exist. I will give my personal opinion on whether I think there are better solutions to the current parole process, probation system, and the community corrections options.
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Prisoners may be released to parole either by a parole board decision (discretionary release/discretionary parole) or according to provisions of a statute (mandatory release/mandatory parole).” (para. 2). Mandatory release is known as releasing a prisoner before they complete their prison sentence. This means if the prisoner still has a year or two left on their prison sentence but they are granted mandatory release from the legal system, then they are mandatorily released from prison and do not have to finish their sentence. However, as a condition of their parole they may have to participate in some form of community service or probation. I am sure there are better solutions to the parole process, however I do not have any objections or suggestions for improvement at this time. I am sure that over time I will have some ideas for improvement.
Probation is a form of punishment given to individuals that have committed a smaller offense, or a punishment given to prisoners following their release from prison. Usually probationer have to pay financial restitution for their wrongdoing or participate in some form of community service while on probation. After completion of the terms, they are taken off of probation. According to “Bureau Of Justice Statistics” (2014), “In many instances, while on probation, offenders are required to fulfill certain conditions of their supervision (e.g., payment of fines, fees or court costs, participation in treatment programs) and adhere to specific rules of conduct while in the community. Failure to comply with any conditions can result in incarceration.” (para. 1). If you were to compare probation to other forms of sentencing, it would be fair to say this is a small punishment. However, probation can have a positive effect on society and the criminal. Depending on the severity of the crime this may not be the punishment that an offender should be handed. I think that the probations system is great. I think it is a way of involving criminals or offenders with the community. I also agree with the restitution offenders have to pay as a condition of their probation. I do think that too many people are put on probation because of their power or fame. Otherwise, I don’t think there is a better solution to probation.
Community Corrections
The primary goal of community corrections is to provide corrections or an opportunity for criminals to rehabilitate themselves while protecting the...

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