Rehabilitated Drug Addicts Can Return To Normal Life

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1. Introduction
2. Body
* The rehabilitation program being short
* Lack of a transition plan in place
* Effect of family or peers
* Lack of willingness by the individual
* Presence of an undiagnosed disorder
* Lack of follow-up
3. Conclusion

Rehabilitated Drug Addicts Can Return to Normal Social Life.
Drug and substance abuse and addiction is a colossal issue today. Hanson and Ventulleri recently noted in their research on marijuana that there has been a rise in its use among teens as at 2013(6). Drug use has devastating consequences including stress, health problems and addiction that has necessitated ...view middle of the document...

The failure of rehabilitation programs could also be attributed to the lack of transition plan. The rehabilitation facility must put a strategy in place aimed at helping addicts get used to the anticipated new life. Failure in putting up such plans in place will lead to the inevitable urge for craving. Hanson and Venturelli have proven that even just by thinking about their previous life, former drug addicts find themselves fighting the urge to get back to where they had been(3). A personalized aftercare plan should be established, meant to ease their transformation. It is thus vital for the rehabilitation center to put into consideration the different needs and challenges likely to be experienced by their subjects before releasing them.
Success of rehabilitation programs could also suffer a setback because of influence of their family members and peers. Once these subjects are released back to the real-world, they get exposed to the society that nurtured them into drug addicts. Take an example of an individual whose whole family is affected and are all addicted to drug use. Such a person will find it hard living pure in the environment and is likely to relapse due to peer pressure alone. Barnard notes that in such cases, the rehabilitation must ensure the whole family gets treated (18).
Lack of willingness by the affected individual could also possibly derail the success of rehabilitation programs. Reasons behind this could include ignorance, stigma or just lack of knowledge on the benefits undergoing the process. This resistance to treatment can make it hard to administer any form of treatment. The subject has to accept their state and voluntarily assent to undergoing treatment. Failure to acknowledge this will lead to high chance of them falling back into drug abuse because of the lack of sobriety in the first place.
Failure in treatment and the subsequent falling back into drugs could be due to the possibility of the individual having an undiagnosed disorder. The disorder could be psychiatric and is likely to cause the addict to have an uncomfortable...

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