Regulation Plan For Alumina Inc Essay

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Regulation Plan for Alumina Inc.
21 March 2011
Mr. Majid Safaie

Regulation Plan for Alumina Inc.
Regulatory risk, by definition, is a risk to which private companies are subject, arising from the possibility of legislation or regulations that will affect business being adopted by a government [ (Unabridged, 2009) ]. To avoid this risk, Alumina Inc, must be proactive in their approach to legal analysis, marketing, public relations, and various other elements of business. Alumina, Inc also needs to be aware of regulatory policies, legal responsibilities, public information requirements and the various policies and procedures that may be applicable to their operation and the ...view middle of the document...

Also, these elements are necessary in cases of personal litigation; as they will be tasked with the personal investigation of persons launching the suit.
Corrective measures will fall to the legal and public relations element also. Once a notice of regulatory violation is received, it is up to these directors to deal with persons, victims, lawyers, regulatory agencies, AAA (American Arbitration Association), and various other parties involved in this corrective process. A statement will have to be drafted, approved, and release to the press and public explaining Alumina, Inc’s position, as well as an acceptance or denial of culpability. Public relations also need to initiate community programs to educate the public on various EPA standards and how they affect them at their residence. Also, legal will deal with arbitration, ADR, or litigation depending on the situation and persons involved.
The torts identified in Alumina Inc’s case include, intentional, unintentional and strict liability. The coinciding legal principles are negligence, disparagement, defamation of character, privacy act violations, malicious prosecution by accusers, and emotional distress to name just a few. Further, it is the strict liability of inadequate testing, in this particular case, which is the foundation of the...

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