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Regulation Of Supplements Essay

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Milton Vincik
Argumentative Essay
English 1301:114
4 May 2014
Regulation of Supplements
Performance enhancing supplements are a big necessity to most athletes’ nutrition regimen. These enhancing supplements have caused a big controversial topic in today’s fitness world. Many may say that it is cheating, while others may say it is needed to help achieve the desired physique and fitness goal. From steroids, to ephedra, to creatine, people have mainly been confused on deciding whether or not these enhancers are fair and safe. Creatine or androsteredine might not mean anything to an unknowledge person. These words may cause the knowledge person’s ear to hurt, because these words may ...view middle of the document...

Performance enhancing supplements are substances that come in a pill, powder, or liquid form that helps in achieving fitness goals. “Sports supplements are products used to enhance athletic performance that may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, or botanicals (plants) – or any concentrative extract or combination of these.” (Gavin) These supplements will help you gain muscle, lose fat, or gain better endurance in any sport. The problem with these supplements is that the public is misleaded about what these supplements do and how they are used. The people who don’t use these supplements look down on them in a negative way, not knowing actually how beneficial these supplements really are. When they hear the words “performance enhancers” they right away jump to conclusions and relate those words to illegal substances such as steroids. If the negative people knew what these supplements were and what they do for the user; they may change their outlook on them and realize that congress shouldn’t be banning these substances.
Out of all the substances used today, creatine is the most used supplement. It is used by athletes for strength, lean muscle mass, and quick burst of energy. “For this reason, creatine supplements are most popular among male athletes in sports that require quick burst of energy.” (Cox) Creatine can be found in meats such as beef and fish. The human body produces more than half the creatine it needs. (Cox) Most people do not know that the human body already has creatine being produced in it daily, and that when a person eats meat, they are taking in creatine. This clearly shows that people are looking down on this substance for no reason. There is simply no way of comparing creatine to steroids like some people seem to do. The other negative image that critics put on creatine is that too much of it taken orally can cause too much stress on the liver and kidneys. This statement is highly untrue and has never been backed up by clinical evidence. In fact scientist did a study on a group of athletes taking in creatine at a certain amount a day for so many weeks. At the conclusion of this study, it showed that the athlete’s liver and kidneys were still perfectly fine. “No study has shown that creatine supplementation results in clinically significant increases in liver damage or impaired liver function.” (Kreider) Much of the argument that comes with sports supplements traces back to steroids.
Steroids work by increasing testosterone by intramuscular injections. Testosterone is one of the major hormones responsible for rapid muscle growth, fat loss, and helps the body recover a lot faster. “Athletes consume them in the hope of gaining weight, strength, power, speed, endurance, and aggressiveness.” (Fahey) Using these hormones also gives the user a sense of well-being, increased energy, enhanced libido, and protection...

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