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Regression Analysis Paper: Nextel Communications Inc

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Regression Analysis PaperNextel Communications, Inc. is the nation's leading carrier of fully integrated, all-digital wireless service, which includes 2-way radio, wireless telephone service, text/numeric paging, and wireless web. Fleet Call, Inc was the original name of the company that started in April of 1987. Shortly there after, the company changed their name to Nextel, Inc. In July, 1994 Nextel and OneComm formally CenCall Communications, Inc announced a merger. A month later Nextel merged with Quasar Telecom, Inc, a subsidiary of Advanced Mobilcom Inc., giving Nextel ownership of short message radio licenses in the United States, which allowed Nextel significant spectrum rights in ...view middle of the document...

In the first quarter of 2005, Nextel finalized a merger with Sprint PCS giving the company a new name and brand The New Sprint Nextel, which positioned the company as one of the top, digital cellular companies in the world.The Nextel national network provides service to thousands of communities across the United States. Nextel continues to use the integrated digital enhanced network technology developed by Motorola. The technology provides superior sound and transmission quality by utilizing excellent packet-based transmission methods. The integrated digital enhanced network offers crisp and clear high-quality voice communications, improved privacy, and advanced technology to protect the duplication of phone numbers (Nextel Communications, 2002).Nextel International has begun to produce promising results, by using a proven technology, significant product differentiation, and a business plan proven by the parent company, Nextel Communications Inc in the United States. Nextel International's customers benefit from the speed, efficiency, and cost savings offered by combining digital cellular voice, text, and numeric paging (Nextel, 2002).Nextel's products and services stand out from competition due to cellular phone service becoming so competitive. Nextel Communications focus is on the Corporate America, ensuring that large organizations are able to provide their employees with reliable cellular service. Nextel currently holds the sixth position amongst cellular providers. During the years of 1995-1999, Nextel was able to maintain the position of first to third in the market due to product innovation. Recently, Nextel has lost positioning due to poor external customer service, lack of consistency in procedures across the nation, and lack of capacity on its networks.Nextel offers products and services that customers can find useful. The company's direct connect feature is one-way customers can get answers quickly. The power of this two-way radio feature lies in fast, effective communications between coworkers such as; (1) check the status of a customer order (2) request someone to join a meeting (3) dispatch someone to a job site. Conference calls and pages are features that set Nextel in a better position than many competitors in the market. Nextel customers can also enjoy clear calls no matter where they travel within the Nextel National all-digital service network. On Nextel's all-digital service network, a customer would not have to deal with static cross talk (intercepting other individual's cellular conversations) or fading.Nextel's all-digital service offers customers a peace of mind by providing a secure network free from duplication of an individual's cellular phone service. Criminals cannot use a customer's cell number to make or listen in on individual's calls due to the all-digital service network. With a presence in 178 of the top 200 United States markets, Nextel's National Network affords customers the freedom of...

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