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Reggae Music Essay

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In cultures all over the world, music can be seen around many aspects of life for many individuals. It is a form of mass communication that" speaks directly to society as a cultural form", and often reflects a collection and pattern of personal experiences. Music is so influential because it communicates on three different levels: the physical, emotional, and cognitive. Music can give off a variety of feelings. Not only does it operate in a non-wordy way, by affecting the physiological mode of the body, causing one to move and dance, but it also encourages one to think. It all has to do with sound. Music is organized sound which contains both social worth and value in today's society, due to ...view middle of the document...

Jamaican reggae is music of protest that carries an angry message of poverty. Listeners worldwide often simply enjoy the swaying upbeats and melodies of reggae while giving little thought to the importance of the lyrics or the "˜harsh circumstances' that have given birth to the music. This kind of music arises from a complex intermingling of diverse cultures, unforgivable power structures, and passionate religious expressions. Reggae music of Jamaican culture has been identified with unique sounds. Reggae music is one type of music that it is thought provoking. It makes us asked question such as; how did they get that sound? Or what are they saying? What does it mean? Reggae Music has always been an important factor in the lives of Jamaicans and other West Indians. By 1969 the new, enduring sound of Reggae (often spelled Reggay in the early years) had established itself. Reggae is closer to the chanting, meditative sound, and lends itself to musical meditation. Reggae is a form of music that is too broad to group in one category. Reggae music is composed of such distinct forms as roots, dub, and most recently dancehall. Since the beginning of reggae in the 1960's reggae has mature tremendously.Rastafarians is a religion based on social change, they form the base of reggae music. They use reggae music as a means of spreading their beliefs and messages. Rastafarians use Reggae music and poetry to express themselves; one of their major themes for expression is economic oppression. Bob Marley was one of Jamaica's first artists to spread reggae all over the world. He brought Jamaica's indigenous art form reggae to the forefront of the world's pop-music scene During Bob Marley's time reggae has been at the forefront of the development of music. Songs of Freedom is one of Bob Marley famous song that is use as an anthem in Jamaica. His narrative melodies preserve the poetry of a suffering humanity; to a suffering humanity. The lyrics are elegant in their bold simplicity, shining with a purity of purpose, as they...

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