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Reforming The Justice System Essay

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Reforming the Justice System
A person can say without a shadow of doubt that there is something wrong with the United States Criminal Justice System. Many people are serving lengthy prison sentences, some even on death row for crimes they did not commit. While these people are doing unjust time, others that are actual criminals, are rotting away, not truly being rehabilitated especially teens who have been sentence to life with no possibility of parole. The justice system is an issue that needs close attention paid to it; ultimately, if its problems are not dealt with, time, money and other resources will continually be wasted.
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In these situations, life in prison may be warranted, if without a shadow of doubt the individual on trial committed the crime. Across the U.S. there are hundreds, if not thousands of people incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit. According to the “Statistics on Prison Population Rates” the U.S. has the highest population of incarcerated persons throughout the world. There is a great need for reforms to produce a more accurate justice system. With these reforms the system can better ensure that the right person is being punished for the crime committed.
Witness misidentification has been the cause of wrongful convictions in some court cases. Sequential lineups and photo arrays should be used, in which a victim is shown one suspect at a time, rather than viewing everybody at once. The victim should be told that the suspect may or may not be present, to prevent the witness or victim from having undue confidence that the suspect is there, leading to a wrong identification. A convicted criminal should not be incentivized to testify again someone else. When desperate criminals have been caught red-handed committing a crime and they have no truthful information to trade on, they falsely implicate others. A standardized system should be developed to ensure all evidence is preserved and available for inspection and testing for. Without the evidence, a wrongly convicted person may remain incarcerated with no way to prove their innocence. Lastly, all accused individuals should be provided a fully qualified attorney, not a substandard performing public defender. If these reforms was the case for Cameron Willingham in the essay “Trial By Fire”, just maybe he wouldn’t never been on death row, or even in prison for the murder of his children. There are many more reforms that should be implemented with the justice system, reforms that would not create...

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