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Much of world religion is based on a need to limit the quest for identity and the fear of the unknown. This prevents pain for its adherents, usually by limiting their disappointment and by finding answers. The religion gives people something to have faith in and for some a reason to exist. This is why religion or forms of it have been living for so long. However religions went through numerous of difficulties because its dark sides. The reformation is one example. This text will be explaining why the reformation took place when Leo X was the pope. Many factors created the situation which made this outbreak possible. The three factors chosen are the printing press, the abusive papal power ...view middle of the document...

It was the principal weapon of the reformist. “The difference between Luther’s success and Hussites much more limited one was that Luther was armed with the printing press and knew how to use it”[1] When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses he also printed pamphlet to spread the word and inform the population of his ideas. Even though the catholic religion knew that a dissemination of this kind of ideas were not at their advantage, they did not have any power to control or censor the content of the books like in the past. With the circulation of these new ideas, the opinion of people started to change. They were exposed to new sources of information. Obviously, the church would have never raised the subjects that Martin Luther was fighting for. In addition to this, more and more translated bibles were circulating because of the printing press. Therefore, the population did not have to be dependent of the church to be able to practise. The priest was not useful anymore to understand the bible. Most of them could now read their own religious book. Before, most of them were illiterate since it was easier to dominate illiterate people. It is not a coincidence that only the clergy and the high class could read before because this class of society was affiliated with them most of the time.

Second of all, with the help of the printing press reformists critics on the religion were heard and population stopped trusting the religion due to several reasons. People that were supposed to represent god were caught in their debauchery. They were rich, were drinking, had several affairs and children were appearing out of the wedlock. Before, these situations could happen but higher in the religious hierarchy so the majority of the society was not aware of it. But during the time of Leo X the corruption came lower in the religious hierarchy. The excess and the corruption were more extravagant then before. Pope, cardinals, priest were not religious symbol for the good reasons. Along with this, nepotism was a very present concept. It is an unfair principle but occurred for the selection of pope. For instance, Leo X and Clement VII were both pope and sons of Florentine Medici. Consequently, this was another proof to the population that the religion was abusing of its power. The pope Leo X was more interested in the expansion of the papal power than the interest of his religious community. He was the one who had the idea of creating the St peter Basilica. To attain his goal he used the indulgences to raise money. In other words, the money that the believers gave to the church to pay their sins was used to finance the religious construction. These were concretes example which made the corruption even more obvious to the population and became aware of the abuses they were victim. And it was one of the main reasons why Martin Luther blamed the church. In its 95 theses Luther made a ``marketing attack `` to the indulgences since one of its theses concerned...

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