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Reflective Report

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Different Types of Schools for Children in the U.K.

The topic I chose for presentation is different types of schools for children. Though I try to highlight the different schools available for children, my prime focus is on primary education. Primary education is the foundation of a child’s development, both academically and socially. Thus, it is really important that a child is given proper primary education, without any impediment. After a lot of speculation and consultation I chose to write this essay because while explaining the different types of schools and levels of education in U.K. and showing how the primary level prepares the child for future studies, it also indulges in the ...view middle of the document...

This shift from the primary level to the secondary or high school usually occurs at the age of eleven or twelve. (htt27)
Primary level education is considered significant in the lives of children because it is in this level that their mentality is shaped. If they receive proper education and learn to mingle with other students they will be better able to understand the world – the difference between the good and the bad – in their adult life. Therefore the primary level has the most crucial responsibility towards the development of the children. The most important aims of primary education are imparting the basic knowledge of literacy, numeracy, history, math, geography, and some other social sciences which are important in their day to day lives. It also seeks to internalise in them the moral codes without which they cannot deal with the outside world. Though it is believed that primary level education provides only the basic and the lower kind of knowledge, some articles I found in the newspapers believe that in reality it prepares the children to understand the world in a better way. (national grammar schools academy)
In this regard, I asked a number of parents and also some other people who had the proper knowledge on a child’s education. From them I collected as much data as I could and put the most important ones in this presentation.
In the primary schools of U.K. the children almost always study together, irrespective of their sex. These schools are most often located near their homes so that the children do not have to travel long distances and can spend some time with their family members. Certain orientation programs are held for the parents of the primary level children to educate the parents on how to deal with their children regarding their education. I believe that these are the most crucial years that shape up the child’s outlook and develop his perspectives and attitudes. Hence proper care should be taken for the social, mental and physical development of the child. In my perspective, the schools are gradually shifting towards greater academic stress during formative years but this can be avoided in the initial years and proper nourishment and physical development should also be included as an important part of overall development with due support from the school authorities. Use of corporal as was the norm till very late, is rapidly being withdrawn which I feel is a great step. (the history of education in england)
There are different types of schools that provide education to the children. The main categories of schools can be divided into two. They are local authority maintained schools, i.e. the State schools, which provide free education to children of five to sixteen years of age and independent schools, which may be private as well as public schools, in which the parents have to pay for their children’s education. Primary education is compulsory for all children. They can attain it either through state owned free...

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