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Reflective Paper Math 157

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Reflective Paper

Evan Schwartz

Reflective Paper
The course math for elementary teachers has taught me many concepts on how to work with students and to help them achieve success in the classroom. The objective of the course Math for Elementary teachers two is to assist the learner with understanding day to day applications of mathematics, and to give different ideas on how to differentiate learning. There were several ideas covered in this course but there are several of the major mathematical concepts that stand out to me. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics principals and standards was a very big help in guiding me to understand what was required ...view middle of the document...

In the lower grade levels you are taught shapes and measuring angles. As you progress through the grades the geometry becomes more challenging. More mathematical concepts become involved such as perimeter, area, fractions, data and algebra. Vocabulary words are introduced and need to be accurately used in so children can be successful in geometry.
The concepts learned in this course are prevalent to the characteristics of a professional mathematics teacher because they shows me how to teach math. Some of what I learned in this class was not taught to me when I was in school. I have learned many different styles of teaching through the readings and discussion boards. The discussion boards seem to be very helpful because it encouraged people to talk about what was going on in the classroom. It also encouraged to share our ideas with the class about what we would do in some situations and how to differentiate learning to the students. This class has shown me multiple ways of helping students to grasp the concepts that I will be teaching them. It has been proven that students find certain concepts like probability very difficult and knowing how to differentiate learning from this...

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