Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper

Suzanne Reed
Professor: Dr. Tristram Jones

There are so many factors that can happen to anyone that encounters difficulty in life. Certain issues can occur to special populations, how they affect the clients is what matters in these reflections of this paper. The particular groups that are going to be encountered in this reflection are generational poverty, older adults, and women.

Complex factors involved in overcoming generational poverty
Generational poverty is a serious issue among some of the population. When a student graduates high school impending the thought of college they might run into a multitude of ...view middle of the document...

There are also personal barriers that can cause issues of generational poverty. The stress of dealing with everyday situations, the low self-esteem from not being where they would want to be at that time in life, which can lead to instances of isolation are all factors that can happen in generational poverty (UOP, 2011). The young adult then goes on to make so many bad decision; they then make a decision to show that they have inadequate parenting competence (UOP, 2011). Generational poverty is mostly caused by some matters that have been taught to the youth by the parents, the bad decisions, and not understanding the backlash of what can happen due to the decisions, and how the person in society manages with the issues, knowing the circumstances and how to remedy the situation is crucial.
The last factor that is involved in overcoming generational poverty is the system barriers. These are the obstacles that cause the fears of the governmental systems and the services that become ineffective with insensitivities to the needs of this generation (UOP, 2011). These services are there to help guide the generation to be more successful. Unknowns in the system and the factors that need to be met to be supported by these systems, the young adult, does not want to utilize this service due to the amount of personal time that is involved in applying, also not wanting to be chastised for using the services.

Challenges older adults face when a lack of employment
After we obtain our degrees and become comfortable in our positions the factor of age eventually comes into play. The challenges that our older adults face in employment as we draw closer to the age of retirement is keeping our positions over the younger crowd. No matter how experienced we are in our careers, and how punctual we are the issues that happen when we get closer to retirement are being forced into early retirement before due, and being laid off to be replaced by youthful workers that would take less pay to do the same job (UOP, 2011). When this form of age discrimination happens, there is an issue with regaining employment due to age. On many occasions being told that you are too experienced for the position that you are applying for is a form of discrimination without saying that the issue is due to age (UOP, 2011).
With the changes in society and Social Security, the adjustment of the age to attain Social Security benefits and Medicare has been altered a few times over the past years (Hatch, 2005). Baby boomers reaching retirement age has overwhelmed the benefits system, leading to the age increasing from the original 65-year-old receiving benefits to now 67 (Hatch, 2005). This change has only resulted in life savings that have been saved, for retirement, to be used to survive for the years that these groups have to survive without benefits that they paid into since they were young (UOP, 2011). There are even some that have no life savings due to the need to...

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