Reflective Career Paper

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Reflective Career Paper

After gaining knowledge in this course, I have learned new concepts and theories that have brought meaning to my life. At some point in our life, we all have adopted some type of theory in our life without knowing it. The Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory, Super’s Lifespan Theory and Social Cognitive Career Theory are three theories that explain how my career setting and role-play changed due to certain circumstances and life experiences.
The career development is one of the concepts that I have learned to greatly appreciate throughout the Career Development ...view middle of the document...

Life Roles – Being an employee is just one of your life roles, in addition to others such as, student, parent, and child. Super's Lifespan theory directly addresses the fact that we each play multiple roles in our lives and that these roles change over the course of our lives. How we think about ourselves in these roles, their requirements of them, and the external forces that affect them, may influence how we look at careers in general and how we make choices for ourselves. In this paper you will see how the Super’s Lifespan theory intertwined with my career choices.
As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a hairstylist. As time move forward my environment and role-play change my career decision. I started out at the age of 16 to discover the world of work. My first job was a cashier at Hardees’s where the self worth concept was identified. Self-worth is having a high self-esteem. For instance, having a job where you make a difference and feel worthy.
The worth of something is how much we appreciate it and love it for itself, how important it is to us, and how much priority we give it compared to other things. Self-worth is an overall measure of how much we value ourselves and give priority to our own needs and happiness. Our self-worth is a measure of our unconditional self-love. My job as a cashier placed no meaning to my life. It was simply just a job that consists of long hours, no benefits, and dealing with rude customers.
After continuously working as a cashier at Hardees’s the job soon came to an end when I was hired at a daycare. My job title was a daycare assistant. I provided care for three children feeding: changing diapers, and putting them to sleep. I enjoyed my job but the pay was not enough of income to provide me with extra things I wanted in life, such as vacations, name brand clothes and other luxury items. The job provided no benefits and the job was only part-time.
So, I began to think about new life roles and how education would be beneficial to my life. I gave up the daycare job and I enrolled at Robeson Community College in some general elective courses. I knew going back to school was a wise choice for me but months later; I had to return back to the workforce. After a few months, I became pregnant and quit school in order to provide means for my child. After filling out numerous of applications, I was hired as a waitress, waiting tables and being friendly with customers.
The job was a great place to meet new people and learn to interact with people of different cultures. It was quite challenging though because some customers were hard to get along with and thought of you as no more than a servant. I began to think about what I wanted more in life, just a job to pay bills with no extra benefits or a real job with benefits. I started back to Robeson Community College taking College Transfer Courses along with still waiting table. Times got tough working and going to school but in order to place meaning to my...

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