Reflective Account On Role As A Student In Higher Education And As A Future Health Practitioner

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Essential Skills Reflection

Essential Skills Reflection
For a nurse, higher education at the University of West London (UWL) has offered me a broader knowledge base that I will be able to apply to improve nursing care outcomes concerning patient care, quality standards, and other nursing skills. In this respect, graduating from a nursing program will offer me the opportunity to be a better healthcare practitioner and work within teams for the best outcomes. In fact, the higher education knowledge base that I will acquire upon graduation will make me more attractive to employers. In this case, employers will trust me with more responsibilities since I will know more about ...view middle of the document...

This is because it will bring me closer to my short-term objective of successfully finishing higher education and my long-term goal of gaining employment as a nurse. Also, I have learnt how to apply time management skills, as well as juggle the courses to ensure that I receive good grades in all of them. Besides that, this has been an incredible learning experience, very valuable in increasing my mindfulness of the communication processes and team management. It has allowed me to be accountable in communicating with others (Masters 2015).
I consider Introduction to Professional Practice as the most useful module I have learnt so far. That is not to say that the other modules have lesser value, rather Introduction to Professional Practice module has prepared me to work within groups, an important concept in medical care where multidisciplinary teams are engaged to provide care. In this case, I learnt that managing and measuring team performance is a relative term that implies a range of meanings for different individuals and organizations, and is dependent on the purpose of the performance measurement as well as the group dynamics. For instance, performance measurement for evaluation purposes would adopt a different strategy from a measurement intended for incentive awards. Two basic performance measurement strategies are commonly adopted for the medical field: i.e. group and individual performance. For that matter, the team performance can be evaluated in totality without regard for individual contribution or the totality of individual team members contributions can be inferred from the team performance. In reference to this, how the group coalesces in its activities, its ability to arrive at a consensus, and its problem-solving strategies are assessed as the group performance. This boils down to measuring performance at work in the sense that: what is the quantity of work completed; and what is the quality of work completed (Schoenly and Knox 2013; Weaver et al. 2015). In analysing team performance measurement matrices, the module helped me to determine that there are two fundamental contributions to the matrix: team; and individual members. Assessment at the team level considers team communications, dynamics, and ability to reach consensus as meetings. For that matter, the amount of work completed and the cycle time for the entire process are evaluated as part of the assessment exercise. On the other hand, assessment at the individual team member level considers how the individual cooperates with other team members, communicates his or her ideas and opinions, and participates in team activities. In this case, the number of viable ideas that the individual presented is determined, accuracy considered, and turn-around time for completion of a unit of work factored. Thus, I learnt that team analysis can be conducted from the team or individual member perspective. The knowledge I acquired from this module will stand me in good stead with the...

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