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Reflection Papers

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Reflection Papers
My first objective was “I will learn what BAfoG forms are and the reason for/purpose of filling them out. I will be trained by an accounting assistant. I will have to learn what documents to attach and to follow certain procedures to comply with German government requirements. In the beginning, the accounting assistant will review the completed form for accuracy and approve (afterwards, I will be completing the forms independently). Once the form is ready, I will email the student and inform them to come pick it up. Or if there is an issue and there is some additional action needed by the student, I will also be the one to contact the student.” Before I began the task I had no prior knowledge of this German government requirement for student aid and was completely new to international student programs.
Over the course of the semester, I have become familiar with ...view middle of the document...

From personal experience, this appears to be similar to the verification process that the financial aid office follows to insure that students who get federal aid meet the requirements. As this is my third year in college, I have some understanding how financial aid works and I used that knowledge for this assignment.
The BAfoG form process can be summarized into three steps; the first step being the student filling out basic information such as name, ID, etc. and the last step being the German government’s review of the form. In between is where my office worked on the form. Step two involves a staff member filling out the information on what courses the student was enrolled in and attending. That staff member then signs off and brings the form to me. I have to check to see that the classes the student is enrolled in matches their intended program at the Language Institute and that the student has already paid for them. Once that is complete, I create invoices for all the covered fees that the student has paid. Covered fees include tuition, room & board and additional units. I attach the invoices, sign the form, and stamp the institute seal, guaranteeing to the German government that the information contained in the completed form is true. Lastly, I email the student that their form has been completed and that they can come to the front office to pick it up from the receptionists.
Over the period of this semester, I have filled out hundreds of BAfoG forms. I have learned that the German government is very particular of any edits on the form and can send them back at their convenience. If there is a mistake, I cannot white it out. It must be carefully crossed out and the mistake clearly visible. I then must re-sign and re-stamp next to the mistake. As a result of this assignment, I have learned that I do not mind this type of work, which although repetitive, is very important for the students.

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