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Friendships and close relationships are something that influences people to the extent that it leaves an impact in their lives. It is something that can influence a person in both negative and positive ways. Things like friendship, relationships, love has no barrier, all it needs is a nurturing and a valued perspective. It can work wonders in people’s life or partner’s life or someone who you are nurturing it with. As quoted by Epicurus, the famous ancient Greek philosopher, “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” This quote completely throws light on the King’s struggle in order to ...view middle of the document...

Logue during the initial stage of training gives Bertie the task of reading Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” out loud. Logue puts on music so that Bertie cannot hear himself and goes on to record his reading. During the training of Bertie, Lionel and Bertie’s relationship goes through a lot of ups and down. Their relationship is an antagonistic one. After Bertie and Lionel’s rift, Bertie soon realizes that he needs Lionel’s help. Bertie and Elizabeth decide to visit Lionel and convince him to come once again and help him. Bertie asks Lionel to be seated in the King’s box. In September 1939, shortly after the United Kingdom’s declaration of war with Germany, Bertie calls Lionel to Buckingham palace to prepare him for his radio address to the country. As the king George VI and Lionel move towards the palace’s tiny studio, Winston Churchill (played by Timothy Spall) reveals that he too once had speech impediment but then he found a way to use it to his advantage. Then the king delivers the speech as if he was delivering it to Lionel alone who coaches him through every moment of it. After this day, the king delivered many famous speeches during the World War II and Lionel was present for all of them. They remained exquisite friends throughout Bertie’s span.
The nature of the relationship evident through the film is that it reminds us that in close relationships, mutual affection and respect are far more important than other social protocols and social roles. It is an excellent example of Supportive and defensive climate acts. The King was very defensive as he called his problem “hopeless” and had given up on rectifying it. Whereas, Lionel was an exceptional example of the supportive environment that the King needed in order to overcome his speech impediment. The factors I think that led to choosing of a partner in this case was King’s wife who insisted that he should go and see Lionel, developing a positive spiral which lead to more confirming atmosphere. I also think that Lionel’s attitude was one of the major factors. He removed that difference between them, and instead insisted on calling by his name Bertie rather than calling him “your highness” that made Bertie/ King George VI feel disrespected initially. But that way Lionel could treat him more like a friend than a Monarch.
The movie, “The King’s speech,”...

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