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Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

Being able to understand the relationship between faith and reason relies greatly on how you define the two terms. Faith is trust in something, such as belief in the word of God. It is shaped by traditions and several other factors. Reason is a statement that explains a belief or serves as the justification for a particular action. I believe that the two are interrelated. Reason needs faith in the sense that faith is believing in something and reason is the idea(s) that back up the particular belief. Without faith there would be no need for reason. However, faith does not necessarily need reason. For example, biblical faith does not use reason to support unseen beliefs. Followers just trust and have faith in the idea. ...view middle of the document...

Both tradition and culture are another factor in how faith and reason are interpreted. Faith is shaped by traditions. Cultural beliefs and traditions have a major impact on a person’s views and what they choose to believe in and hold as true because people tend to take on the views of the culture surrounding them. Religion is another factor due to its requirement of faith. There are undoubtedly many religions each with their own unique set of beliefs, which means there are different reasons that support the various religions. With varying reasons come varying faiths so religion effects the relationship between the two. Ideology is another concept that effects both faith and reason. It is based on personal beliefs that are adopted by a group as the truth. Reason can be left out if the adopters of the beliefs accept the ideas and do not question them.

One location where the relationship between faith and reason plays a role is with the issue of disability. In today’s society, ideology has created the sense that we should strive to be “normal.” People live with the intention of becoming “normal” because it is what the surrounding society is pushing onto them. The reason for these beliefs is partially because people fear becoming someone identified as not “normal.” Also, faith in this “normal” identity gives people a reason to try and help others who they see as different or less able then themselves. We really don’t take into account how the individual actually feels. We just assume that they want to change because they don’t fit society’s ideal person. This belief is a result of culture, ideology, and location effecting the relationship between the ideas of faith and reas

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