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Reflection On Personal And Professional Development

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Introduction 2
2. Personal development from PALS 3
2.1 The futures of PALS and what I’ve learned 3
2.2 Benefit from visiting speakers programme and organizational visits 6
3. Professional development from PALS 7
3.1 Commercial awareness 8
3.2 Communication skills 8
3.3 Leadership 9
3.4 Foreign language 10
4.  Help in the future 10
Conclusion 11
Reference 12


In this text, I will retrospect to the period doing the assignment and reflect how I developed professionally and personally. The first chapter gives a review of the group assignment and ...view middle of the document...

2. Personal development from PALS

Profession development plan plays a valuable role in my learning and future growth in managerial career (Eric, 2006). The half year experience on carting out my personal and professional development plan brings many positive effects on my life.

2.1 The futures of PALS and what I’ve learned

PASL aims to cultivate would-be- managers of excellent companies. This calls for not only a good postgraduate degree, but also managerial and inter-cultural skills.

While action learning, namely learning by doing, is nothing novel, peer action learning sets is a new development in academic field. In learning this module, PALS mainly includes poster competition, lecture, workshops, and group/coaching sessions. In the introduction lecture, the origins and essence of PALS was introduced. It

PALS stresses on academic skills, managerial skills and inter-personal and inter-cultural skills. The first one is a basic skill that one must have, and it’s the main purpose of on-campus learning. PALS cultivates our academic skills by setting up a problem emulating the real business world, in solving which we can develop personal learning, data searching, information processing and selection , analyzing skills. Then by writing and presentation, our academic skills are tested. Managerial skills range from time management, project management to decision-making, and it’s really energy-consuming as well as intellectual-rewarding to finish such heavy workload both effectively and efficiently (Frederick & Prathibha, 2009). In addition, the group work and visiting activities enable us, especially an international student like me, to develop inter-personal and inter-cultural skills. What benefit us more is the guide and advice from our coach, and the scientific method of performance evaluation.

At first, I thought that PALS is just a mixture of group work and field work, and it is just like symposiums discussing the debating what we’ve learned. However, it turns out that PALS is more effective in improving teamwork. It is not a single activity, but covers the whole process of learning, and ensures that every participant can really absorb knowledge from literature reading, and interact with each other. After I have a n over-all understanding of some ideas and concepts like convener, CPD measure, it will take me more time to apply them in our daily life. So we can tell that PALS is not a common conversation, but an innovative way of studying.

The main feature of PALS is combining theory with practice. Learning by doing is one of the primary forces of evolution. Even the most primitive creatures like dinosaurs learn their living skills such as haunting and fighting from their own experience, let alone advanced creatures like human-beings (Mike, 2011). After loads of practices, we can carry on with good methods and refrain from bad methods. And that’s why PALS attach great importance on practice. Successful...

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