Reflection On Mentorship Practice Essay

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Student Mentor’s Name | |
Supervising Mentor’s Name | |
Date Commenced | |
Date Completed | |
Overall Portfolio Result | Pass Fail |
This portfolio is the compulsory part of your module and must be submitted alongside your final written summative assignment

Please refer to your module handbook for details of where to submit this portfolio with your final assignment.

Overall Assessment of Achievement 3
Portfolio Instructions & Your Responsibility 4
Guidance for the Supervising Mentor 6
Who can be your learner during the mentorship course? 7
Key meetings and activities with your Learner 8
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Name of Student Mentor: |
Name of Supervising Mentor: | Date of last mentor update:(Must be within last 12 months. Include month and year) |
Contact details for Supervising Mentor:(Including telephone number of practice area) |
Comments on the student mentor’s strengths in mentorship:Comments to enable the student to improve their ability as a mentor:Overall Comments: Overall Result (tick / delete as appropriate): Pass Fail I certify that the above result is a representation of the above student mentor’s ability / inability to meet the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s NMC’s (2008)1 Standards for Learning and Assessment in Practice I recommend that their name be added to the local live register of mentors (tick if the result is a Pass grade) Supervisor’s Signature: Date: |
Module leader Signature: Date: |

Portfolio Instructions & Your Responsibility
Completion of this portfolio is a NMC requirement, and will help you to demonstrate your competency as a mentor for nurses and midwives. Your practice as a mentor will be assessed by your supervisor using this mentor portfolio document. The eligibility for a supervising mentor is given on page 6. In order to gain the mentorship qualification you have the responsibility of recording your progress in this portfolio to demonstrate your development as a mentor in the eight key domains outlined in the NMC (2008)1 Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice. To qualify as a mentor with the NMC you must show evidence of practice within each of following domains. These are:
1. Establishing effective working relationships
2. Facilitation of learning
3. Assessment and accountability
4. Evaluation of learning
5. Creating an environment for learning
6. Context of practice
7. Evidence-based practice
8. Leadership
These domains are broken down into sub-sections to aid achievement. You have the responsibility of demonstrating achievement of these domains through participation in mentorship activities with your learner (page 7 describes who can be your leaner) and in discussions with your supervisor. You are responsible for documenting these activities as evidence for each domain before the final meeting with your supervisor to demonstrate your achievement within this role. Based on the evidence you have collated, written and discussed with your supervisor, the supervisor should comment on your ability to engage in mentorship through that domain.
You are required to fully complete this document, documenting evidence to support meeting each of the domains. You will only be eligible to submit your essay for marking if you have also successfully completed all aspects of this portfolio. Whilst oriented toward the professional requirements of nurses and midwives, practitioners registered with the Health Professions Council should also find this approach useful to...

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