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While reflecting on particular aspects of life that could benefit from persuasion, I was instantly drawn to the long-standing issue of teenage driving. More specifically, addressing teen’s attitudes on the belief that texting while driving is both normal and socially acceptable. Texting while drive has become a national epidemic, with studies pointing to more than 40% of teens taking part in this high-risk behavior. Although there is no true answer to how this behavior became socially acceptable, it reflects an unaware and inconsiderate attitude of the potential repercussions of these actions. By altering this inherent attitude public safety and teen motor vehicle death rates could be ...view middle of the document...

Based off of my understanding of class concepts and persuasion, a direct and personal approach through the central route should have the largest effect on each individual teen. Due to the highly relevant and personal nature of this issue, the central route will help establish a valid and logical base to re-evaluate particular attitudes. This will also help to correlate a personal responsibility to the prior attitude, and the potential effects this attitude may bring if it is not altered significantly. A key factor in changing an individual’s attitude would be this personal responsibility for contributing to the likelihood of potential motor vehicle accidents, an underlying message of guilt and social responsibility.
Numerous characteristics will have a substantial effect on altering an individual’s attitude on this issue including the quality, vividness and fear of the message. A higher quality message may appeal on a more personal level and have a greater effect on core values. Providing a vivid and intense message on the results of certain actions will help to alter current attitudes. By relying on both quantitative and qualitative data whether it is first hand testimonials or statistics, it will help paint the picture of the potential scenarios and outcomes due to these previous attitudes. Providing a highly logical and factually based message will help appeal to teens more directly and influence these particular attitudes.
To implement these techniques in a real life environment, I established a sample of ten high school students whom I met with individually. After establishing both confidentiality and a verbal agreement by each participant, I asked each whether they used their cell phone/texted consistently while operating a motor vehicle. From this initial question alone I found that 60% of my sample commonly used their mobile device while driving. At this point I was only interested in the 6 or 60% of students...

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