Reflection Assignment 1 Following Johns Model Of Structured Reflection

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Reflection Assignment 1Following Johns Model of Structured ReflectionJohns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998)1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself:*'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to?'I was asked to complete a pre-operative assessment on an elderly lady for cataract extraction, using an I.C.P. for intra ocular surgery under LA. During the assessment process she expressed several times that she was extremely sensitive to things going near to her eyes, also during the assessment I observed from her body language and tone that she was very nervous and anxious about the whole being in hospital experience. Throughout the assessment I tried calm ...view middle of the document...

Then without warning the senior-nurse lent forward and pulled the eyelids apart to gain a better view of the eye, as the patient was not expecting this she withdrew from the machine 'this seemed to annoy the senior-nurse further'. After several attempts to take the readings and the involvement of two other nurses 'during which time the patient had become very upset', the senior-nurse sat back and with a big sigh addressed one of the other nurses "This woman is being very difficult so she cant have it done (the surgery), she will have to come back at a later date". She then made a note in the I.C.P. and left. Throughout the procedure I stood in the background and kept quiet once the senior-nurse had left I had to explain to the patient why she couldn't have her surgery done until she completed her measurements and I suggested it would be best if she came back at a later date. Once I had arranged a new date for her to come back she left with her husband still quite upset.2.Explore the experience using the reflective cues:*Aesthetic: Ask yourself:a)-'What was I trying to achieve?'b)-'Why did I respond as I did?'c)-'What were the consequences of that for:*The patient?*Others?*Myself?'d)-'How was the person(s) feeling?'e)-'How do I know this?'a) During the examination we were trying to complete an accurate measurement of the eye (which is essential for the lenses selection in cataract surgery) with minimum pain and distress to the patient.b) During the procedure I kept silent and in the background leaving the more experienced senior-nurse to deal with the patient, I did this as I assumed that the senior-nurse must have dealt with this type of patient before and know what would be the best way to deal with this type of situation and I thought that as I am inexperienced the more experienced nurse must know best.c) The consequences of my actions for the patient was that she got a rough treatment from the nurse with no emotional support form either me or the examining nurse to make her feel more relaxed as a result she became more agitated and stressed. As for the nurse at the time I felt that if I intervened it would be like saying I thought her actions were wrong, also having me not say anything would be best as not to undermine her authority. Myself I felt if anything to be in the wayd) After the first section of the assessment I observed the patient to be much more relaxed and happy. As soon as the senior-nurse came into the examination room the patient appeared to tense up in anticipation to the examination and as the senior-nurse got more annoyed she became more and more upset, I can assess this as during the examination the patient started to cry and appeared very upset, she only stopped crying when her husband came to comfort her.e)*Personal: ask your self:-'How did I feel in this situation?'-'What internal factors...

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