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Reflection Essay

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The beginning for this quarter the way my attitude was toward this class was why do I even need to take this course? I felt that I already know how to write in an appropriate manner especially since I do it on a daily at work but when it comes to a proper essay or the etiquette and structure I had no clue whatsoever. I honestly did hate the fact that out of every course I have so far taken this course had the most homework and now I understand why since there is so much to learn about the guidelines within a perfectly appropriate paper.
Throughout the course I have found out there are many types of essays that are typed for appropriate matters or when it comes to certain points that need to stand out. There is the expository paper which is when you need to explain a theme or an idea to your intended audience and this style has a well-defined thesis. A persuasive essay is when you try to convince the audience or ...view middle of the document...

This type is similar to a persuasive essay but the difference is that you are arguing your opinion instead of trying to let the audience agree or convert over to your point of view.
I feel my writing has drastically improved after learning the types of essays I will be-able to write now. The way I used to type my papers was telling everything through life experience so it is like I tell them what I see and it is correct type of style. I do like to write since it is an outlet where you can talk about life and certain events but I am not fond about doing all this research but I do love to type since it is one of my strong suites.
In all honesty most of the essays were very easy to me the reason is sitting in front of a screen and just typing away is actually fun. The hardest part of about the essays was just trying to do the research in my opinion. When it came to doing the research for the essays it was very hard to do since you want the most up to date resource you can find. After looking around and finding your sources you find better ones then you feel like you need to change it up and honestly after changing the sources of course you need to change up your essay. This took the most time to do and sometimes made it frustrating if you could not find the correct sources.
During the end of the course I feel I fully grasped the concept of making an essay but it has frustrated me and stressed me out that sometimes the way I type is not all proper. There were grammar issues and misplaced punctuations but it is very hard trying to make your essay or paper errorless. Everything I have learned will stay with me but I am certain I will not be-able to complete a paper that is one hundred perfect errorless.
The e-portfolio still confuses me at times and instead I am not sure how it would help me out in the future. I am majoring in NSA and in my opinion I don’t see how I can upload a project that is more physically hands on. I know I can always upload a blue print of the structure or lay out but it seems to take up more time. I do like the fact it is organized and it’s a click away but when being interviewed it may not help me out.

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