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75% of blockbuster crews are male, how severe is sexism in the film industry?

This 20 minute long documentary is based on women’s careers in the film industry, how they may be underrepresented, why this inequality persists and how this may have increased throughout the years.
Actresses and women from around the world are calling out sexism in the film industry. “Is there a lack of material and great stories for women to work with?”
These questions will be answered through a compilation of archive footage and interviews with female students to understand how younger women aspiring in strong career paths feel about it – and also women that are already in the industry who ...view middle of the document...

They aim to develop and hone the selected writers’ scripts. It comes following a study last year that the number of female screenwriters in the US was falling, from 17% of the sector in 2009 to 15% in 2014. They were also found to be paid less than their male counterparts. But why? Is this fair?
In order to keep my documentary multi narrative and to captivate the audience’s curiosity there will be a brief introduction to my second contributor: ‘Cathy Schulman’ an American producer known for ‘The Crash (2004)’ and ‘The Illusionist (2006)’. Schulman is also the president of Mandalay Pictures and the new elected president of the organisation ‘Women in Film.’ Another contributor similar is ‘Kathryn Bigelow,’ an American filmmaker and television director known for ‘Point Break (1991)’ and ‘The Hurt Locker (2008).’ Bigelow became the first women to win the Academy award for ‘Best Director.’
I am researching and will be interviewing these highly successful female filmmakers because through voicing their opinions they will explain whether they believe women should be an exception as film makers and why this is such a narrow margin for women to succeed in. Both Shulman and Bigelow will focus on the aim of elevating women through education, outreach and professional development in the industry as they know it first-hand.
Figures seen by the Guardian have revealed that gender disparity is entrenched in the film industry, where more than three-quarters of the crew involved in making 2,000 of the biggest grossing films over the past 20 years have been men, while only 22% were women.
The whole industry is male dominated not only in front but behind the cameras as well – leading audiences mislead of just how much gender disparity in the workplace affects women. Only 41 distinct women directed films in the top 100 films over the past 11 years.
By exploring the many degrading mythologies about women in the work place and the first-hand opinions on these matters, my documentaries biased reflection will then juxtapose and move onto how women succeed using stereotypes by turning them into projects.
Meryl Streep being a perfect example. She is the voice of ageism and equality in Hollywood. She memorably gave Patricia Arquette a standing ovation when the actor called for equal pay for women during her Oscar acceptance speech this year (2015). Similarly, ‘Emma Watson’ a British actress and the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador; delivered an address at UN Headquarters in New York City helping launch the UN Women campaign ‘HeForShe’ which calls for men to advocate for gender equality.
I will add a montage of clips from Emma Watson’s speech and also Patricia Arquette’s speech to strengthen the chances of my audience processing the significance of gender equality as a whole.
It is an obstacle for women to even get a job in the industry in today’s society according to Cathy Schulman. “Women aren’t even on the lists to get a directing job anymore.”

“Have women...

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