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Reducing Organized Crime Essay

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Reducing Organized Crime
Jason Elliott
September 7th 2011
Wayne Babish

Reducing Organized Crime
Organized crime is an entity which endures. Causing problems locally, nationally, and internationally, organized crime has many relationships. Law enforcement agencies are limited when dealing with organized crime. Seeing the opportunity provided by legal limitations, organized crime flourishes. Finding a realistic solution to control organized crime is unrealistic. The problem is organized crime is imbedded in our society on many levels.
The selling of illicit and illegal products and services is the largest problem organized crime has established. Since the Havana ...view middle of the document...

With punishments for crimes ineffective and the reward for committing crimes extremely positive, the common criminal has no deterrence to commit crime. Professional criminal organizations know the legal limitations of the various government organizations. By knowing the legal limits of law enforcement and having officials on payroll, organized crime is able to conduct their illegal and illicit business with minimal stress of being caught.
Criminal organizations operating in the United States have become accustom to the way-of-life they have created for themselves. By exploiting the various loopholes and playing on public sympathy, organized crime organizations have been abusing the rights the rest of the country lives by. As long as organized crime feels safe in knowing that whatever the organization does the punishments are minimal, nothing will change. Changes to the countries rights to combat organized crime must be instituted.
The war on drugs is also targeting organized crime. Unfortunately that is a war the United States, and other countries, are losing. While organized crime has virtually no limit on income, the governments of various countries are limited with the amount of money that can be spent to battle organized crime. The extra money from the hundreds of billions of dollars in profits allows organized crime to research and develop new methods of conducting crime.
Because criminal organizations are not bound by the rules and regulations that law enforcement agencies must abide by, they kill as much as they want. Law enforcement cannot kill any known criminal on site without being in danger. The process law enforcement must take to make any attempts on taking on any criminals hinders the attempts by law enforcement.
For law enforcement to be effective in fighting organized crime, rules and regulations need to change. Once found guilty of a crime, criminal’s rights need to be removed. A Bill of Rights for criminals needs to be drafted and enacted. Limiting organized crime’s ability to skew the meanings and definitions of people’s rights must end. Criminal’s rights would be limited to basic safety and nutrition. Medical care will be minimal. The food will be basic bland foods that offer enough nutrition to sustain life. A toilet, a water fountain, and an uncomfortable bed are the only items in prisoner’s cells.
Making punishment for crimes unbearable is a start. As long as the prison system is a glorious place to go after committing a crime, crime will continue. With the decline in the economy and unemployment on the rise, prison is not such a bad place to go if someone has nothing left. Rather than living on the streets without shelter, food, water, or medical coverage, committing a crime and going to prison does not sound bad.
Once an organized crime family is under surveillance, law enforcement needs to have the government’s blessing to do what is necessary to take down the family. If that includes...

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