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Redefining Your Management Strategy Essay

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Redefining Your Management Strategy

The Six Sigma management theory still appeals to me because it helps to identify process inefficiencies and strategies on how to measure error rates and decrease project cycle time. It also focuses to eliminate non-value added processes to deliver quality, and yield higher productivity and revenue. I could proactively use the DMAIC model (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) to help complete project reviews, and also prepare for internal and external audits. However, I will add that the Contingency management theory slightly appealed to me after reading this week’s resources. While I can apply Six Sigma to improve internal ...view middle of the document...

Combining the above theories would prove beneficial as a manager and leader. Applying both would yield productive quality outcomes and help to maintain respect in your role. For example, if I was to receive a client complaint that the past few event submissions have been late with errors, I could identify what may be delaying the submissions and what is effecting data entry; and then use an entry audit log to see where trending errors are occurring. In doing so, I could use supportive behavior to learn from the team the reasons why and hear what ideas they have for changes. And then use the coaching style to support the changes and build team confidence and morale, while also re-earning client respect. So in combination, management and leadership theories could assist in individual growth and alter common practices for the better.
Most times a leader and manager is not found within the same person. Where they are perceived the same, they have different outlooks, agendas, goals, and tend to not process information in the same way. Managers organize and supervise, where Leaders guide or counsel. A manager may hire the resources, but the leader may train the resources. There also tends to be a difference in behavior with a manager being direct and authoritative and a leader being open and participative (Toor & Ofori, 2008). With the behaviors intertwined, a manager can...

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