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Redbull Marketing Essay

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Red Bull has been very effective in it's use of arousal to activate the consumer decision making process. Environmental arousal is an important tool used by Red Bull to create arousal with its customers and their decision making process. By situating its product in certain environments, this being through its sponsorship of extreme sporting events and endorsements of celebrities, it creates a situational cue for the consumer, brought upon by a response to stimulus. Red Bull's consumers are aroused by their want to feel the rush and excitement that is associated with the brand through its effective use of brand personality. Red Bull has also been able to arouse and activate the consumer ...view middle of the document...

Through Red Bull's sponsorship of extreme sporting events, like motor cross and skydiving, Red Bull has been able to create a stigma that is now associated with its brand; one that brings along the same feelings experienced in these extreme sports. This makes consumers 'want' Red Bull over its competitors. Red Bull also relies on social media as a form of advertisement, which allows them to connect with people who are considered its target market, males aged between 18 and 34 years old. This creates a word of mouth channel that allows Red Bull to imbed themselves within the already evoked set of consumers.

Although Red Bull is the most popular energy drink on the market, there are certain factors which could influence consumers to stop purchasing Red Bull. One of the concerns for Red Bull is the changing cultural focus on healthy living, as many consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients, nutritional information and the negative effects of the ingredients in energy drinks. This health awareness can cause people to stop consuming energy drinks, which would negatively affect Red Bull's sales. As the cultural shift focuses towards healthy living, more research is coming out about energy drinks and their health implications. Studies show that 30-50% of young adults, who also make up Red Bull's target market, consume energy drinks on a regular basis. The consumption of energy drinks on a regular basis can have many adverse effects, especially in young adults. These can range from seizures to behavioural issues, even stemming as far diabetes. This research and cultural change has also lead to some governments considering restricting the sales and advertisements of energy drinks (Seifert, 2010).

Another factor that could influence consumers to stop purchasing Red Bull is a change in lifestyle of its consumers. As Red Bull's target market consists of males aged 18-34 years, who share similar personality traits like an...

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