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Red To Green Essay

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Essay – Red from Green

The story is about a girl, called Sam who is offered a scholarship by a boarding school. This essay will include a deep analysis of the text and a other analysis related elements.
At first she feels like the caring relationship she has with her father is too important but she changes her mind after a trip she makes with her father, Uncle Harry, and one of Harry’s clients from his law firm called Layton who is a bit younger than Harry is. Sam lives in Montana with her father, and every summer they take a trip down to the river, but this time they are accompanied by Harry and his client. The weather on the trip is very fine, the sun is shining, and there is fresh ...view middle of the document...

The texts also says that Layton was not “like other adults” in Sam’s eyes.
In the evening, Layton complains about having some problems with his back so he wants somebody to stand on him, and then he probably lies about the weight he needs, just to get Sam to do it. She chooses to do so her father does not say anything about it but she still feels kind of nervous about the situation because she does not feel a 100% safe.

As Sam is walking back and forth on Layton’s back, he asks her to kneel down between his shoulder blades. He thinks of a way to touch Sam by telling her that she is not sitting straight so he pretends to put her in to place while touching her and he does not remove his hand after pushing her into the right position. After some time, he continues touching her leg but he pushes his hand closer to her vagina and touches the back of her thigh, which makes Sam move away, because she does not feel safe about the situation, and she probably did not see Layton as a sexual partner anyways. Then Layton proceeds to touch her between the legs which makes Sam stand up, which is a symbol of Sam standing up for herself and defending her opinion. Layton obviously want to have a sexual intercourse with Sam so he rolls over and tells her to stay but Sam is strong enough to say no, and she leaves. At this point Sam is very scared and frustrated and she does not know what to do. She has never seen a look like the one Layton had in his eyes as he touched her, and Sam understands this as if Layton had actually taken her virginity and innocence even though he did not. It is...

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