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Red From Green Essay

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The Short story Red from Green by Maile Meloy is about a fifteen year old girl named Sam Turner, who is on a four-day float trip with her father, her uncle and the uncle’s client, Layton, from his new law firm. At this trip Sam develops and discovers new things in the process of becoming an adult and to overcome the stage from being just a child.
The short story takes place in Montana, where the Turner family lives. The plot takes place at a river and the surrounding areas, where they stay for the night. “It is July, and hot, and the water was low” (p. 8, l. 2). The setting does on a symbolic level indicate the untamed nature, and the wild sides in the human. The floating ...view middle of the document...

” (P. 8, l. 25) She does not know how to obtain compliments, and sure not compliments about her looks. She has always been ‘daddy’s girl’, “He gave her a chip and kissed her on the forehead,” (p. 11, l. 2-3), therefor it is an uncommon situation for her to get attention from other adults - male-adults especially. She felt the new kind of attention attractive even though she does not know what it means. She wanted Layton to show up and give her more, but deep inside she could not describe the real feeling (p. 9, l. 64-65). She is on her way to discover her sexuality – a move on the way of becoming an adult. Layton has given her a different attention than other males. Not only verbal attention, but he also gives her a ‘touch’ of attention. She feels something that she never has felt before. She compares the touch between her legs with that little shock of the gun firing. But she likes the shock of the actual gun firing. Layton said that she was not afraid of the kick yet (p. 10, l. 97), which could indicate her gratification of trying something new and her will to be more than just a child. Sam suddenly experiences something she has not experienced with a male before. “His eyes were cloudy and intent, focused and unfocused, and she’d never seen a man look that way before.” (p. 11, l. 154-155). She has a...

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