Recycling Starts With Individual Essay

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Preethi gaayathri

Professor: Mcneil

English 101

31 0ctober 2013

Recycling starts with the individual

The world would be a better place if everyone starts to recycle . In order to be

successful in an effort to recycle and help to maintain a clean and sustain a healthy

environment. A healthy environment, not only provides healthy atmosphere for human

beings but also for every other living thing in the earth . Even though recycling may

seem more work than to simply throw trash in the garbage , more people should start

recycling . As appears in the New York Times newspaper the average people generates

over 4 pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year . Certainly

it must have very ...view middle of the document...

As per the survey of endangered species international organization . They are everywhere

and globally we use more than 260 million tons of plastic each year .

There are many companies , who makes money by selling plastic bottles filled

With water . They are a large problem with the product they are selling . “When a

plastic bottle is labeled "BPA-free," that's no guarantee that it's clear of

worrisome chemicals . It might contain BPA's cousin BPS , which research suggests

is equally toxic (article).” The only thing they can be done to change use of

bottled water is to boycott this product . This product may have to change the

dangerous container to a more acceptable container .

As a college student , I feel responsibility to create an air of awareness to create

better environment with each person . Everything that can be comfortably replaced by

the use of materials can be replaced . One person in the world does not make a large

difference . In actuality , each individual's contribution greatly affects our

environment . Our natural resources are running low , and we must work together to

save them and the Earth from ruin . It would be our best interest if we able to

accomplish this so that we all could have a brighter future living . Where we would not

have to be concerned about losing the availability and pleasure which are destroyed by

the use of non-recyclable materials.


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