Recycling Is Good For The Economy

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It is very common sight at my work place to see my colleagues dispose their waste into any kind of waste bin without any hesitation. Whether it is food waste, paper material, scrap metal or a plastic bottle, they choose a closest bin to dispose their waste. This happens despite the presence of specific bins with bold letters that are purposely placed adjacent to each other for specific wastes. How often many of us see this kind of behavior all most everywhere, especially in public places? Why anyone indeed need to worry too much about this? Obviously there are no regulations or serious consequences barring anyone from doing so! But the fact forgotten is ...view middle of the document...

”(Environment Canada). Moreover, when products are made using recovered rather than virgin materials, less energy is used during manufacturing and consequently fewer pollutants are emitted. For example, land filling one ton of aluminum means that one ton will be produced from virgin material. This process consumes more energy than one ton of aluminum produced from recycled material.(“Waste Management”). This theory can be applied to glass, plastic, newspaper, tires etc. Landfills are also a source of continuous contamination of underground water and soil, because their hazardous materials eventually pass through. Further, recycling in public (parks, playgrounds, sidewalks) and private (industrial, commercial, condominiums) places have been less enforced. The municipal authorities should weigh the cost against the consequences of pollution and implement a must do policy. “Waste creation will continue in the same trend as the economic and population growth unless recycling is made as a national priority.”(Natural Resources). Therefore to overcome this poor trend of recycling, it is paramount that provincial and local governments should make recycling mandatory to make people more serious about this issue and help create pollution free environment.
Secondly, mandatory recycling will further help to conserve natural resources and maintain natural balance of the planet. It is widely known that recovered materials such as scrap metal, paper materials, electronics, minerals and timber plays a vital role in today’s manufacturing process. Some of them are derived from scarce resources such as forestry and minerals. The more we recycle these wastes, the lesser that we need to use newer raw materials and hence preserve limited resources. For example, high energy savings from recycling steel, aluminum and paper are 74, 95, and 100 percent respectively. (“Recycling”). Moreover, as stated in the Natural Resources Canada website, enhanced recovery also offers an opportunity to benefit the Canadian economy, as manifested by the fact that global demand for secondary materials is increasing. Therefore, today more than half of the total global metal feedstock is recycled material. To implement recycling very effectively, everyone must do this hundred percent in our daily routine. This means we must reuse materials and packaging, wherever possible. However, many of us fail to pay attention to this concept without realizing the long term consequences. Therefore, mandatory recycling will greatly benefit our economy and the future generation to conserve natural resources.

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