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Recycling Around The World Essay

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Global Warming

With the developed technologies today, we all are able to get a bunch of benefits. Finding convenience becomes common for every people in this world. To go somewhere, all we have to is simply riding and driving our personal cars or other kinds of transportations such as bicycle and airplane. These advanced technologies are absolutely helpful for making our lives better; however, they also have some problems. As the population and economy greatly increased in the last few decades, the rate of new vehicle ownership has far outpaced population growth. This brings serious air pollutions in atmosphere. This change adversely affects the environment because of emitting carbon ...view middle of the document...

Through global warming, the environment is being destroyed; the massive ice sheets in the Arctic are melting at alarming rates. This is causing the oceans to rise. That’s how big these ice sheets are! Most of the world’s population lives on or near the coasts. Rising ocean levels, an estimated six feet over the next 100 years or sooner, will cause massive devastation and economic catastrophe to population centers worldwide. Global warming destroys the ecosystem. For example, humans get energy from fossil fuels, such as coal or crude oil which is fuel for vehicles. These fossil fuels are buried inside of the surface of the Earth. This could be everywhere, like forest territory, desert territory, and oceanic territory. In order to extract the fossil fuels, people have to spoil the environment; for instance, they have to cut extreme number of trees. The burning of fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere. This rise makes global temperature increase. Global warming not only causes sea levels to rise because glaciers in the Arctic begin to melt in many areas. Since the environment is destroyed, there are continuous problem. If the ecosystem becomes unbalanced because of increasing of temperature, people’s life can be threatened. For example, when a mosquito that is infected with malaria caused by a parasite, bites human, it can carry the malaria became extinct, the population of mosquito would increase. Thus, this rise can put people in danger. In addition, as we get places for extracting the fossil fuel, the clean nature will be destroyed. Trees need carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis, so trees deplete the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but if people constantly cut down trees for fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air increases. Moreover, while doing photosynthesis, plants emit oxygen into the atmosphere. Without oxygen, people would not breathe and die soon.

However, humans still can protect the Earth. Many solutions are suggested to people, but not much of them are into practical. The methods that we can prevent global warming are pretty simple. Keeping the environment clean does not create visible economic benefits although a...

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