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Recruitment Strategy And Job Offer Process

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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process Paper
Jami Kellogg
August 10, 2015
Victoria Jones

Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process Paper
Recruiting strategies vary by job position available, what candidates do the company want to attract, and how can these strategies bring in long term employment for the company. No one strategy will fit in every area, so the Hr department must come up with a strategic plan that can be altered easily to fit the needs of the company at any given time. When it comes to filling positions for business, education or engineering each are completely different from one another, but hard to fill and hard to keep filled. Each strategy will need ...view middle of the document...

Engineers are in high demand, but recruiting engineers is harder than one may think. Engineers, just like educators, want stability, so once there are a multiple amount of years invested in a company it is hard to entice them to come to the company that wants them. Once again, a recruitment strategy that needs to be implemented is in the financial area. “Salaries are quite competitive in the A/E sector, especially in oil & gas, primarily because of the scarce candidate pool. A few more stats to consider... 7 of the top 10 highest paid college degrees are in Engineering. Additionally, only 4.5% of college undergrads are in engineering and 74% of engineering employers have cited "lack of qualified candidates" as the biggest hiring challenge.” (Walpert, 2013). With engineers the branding (selling) of the company is also what helps to sway a potential candidate. Engineers are hard to come by, so when there is one who is more than qualified it is important to brand the company and explain why it is better than the others.
When it comes to hiring a potential business candidate the process can be a little longer than recruiting an engineer or educator. The strategies that will be used to recruit a potential candidate for a business position would be to post the exact job needing to be filled, along with this post, posting a success profile of the company shows what the company is about. The recruitment by phone call and a small questionnaire followed by an actual in house assessment test; “a resume and phone interview can only tell you so much about a job applicant, so you'll need a dependable assessment tool to help you analyze the core behavioral traits and cognitive reasoning speed of your applicants.” (Entrepreneur, 2015). After testing results are back it is going to be a decision of candidate selection followed by a background check and then an offer to the candidate will be made. This strategy is thorough, but will help find a long term candidate.
The recruitment strategy in hiring a potential business candidate is what I would go with in this...

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