Recruitment & Retention Plan For Business Women In South Korea

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Assignment 4:
HRM and Culture

Angina A. Blakney
Dr. Geri Puleo
Strategic Human Resource Management, HRM 530
September 4, 2012

The minicase “Cracks in a Particularly Thick Glass Ceiling,” discusses how women in South Korea are conflicted when it comes to their careers. Although, the women of South Korea are slowly changing the corporate culture there are some men who are resistance to change. They’re use to the educated women of South Korea choosing the traditional career path, careers in the fields of education. But due to the Asian financial crisis in 1998 where thousands of men lost their jobs or took pay cuts, and their wives had to assist financially. Due to this ...view middle of the document...

In 2005, with the establishment of the "SK 3 Sang-Saeng Principles," BR management became part of the core enterprise management strategy. Under the BR Management approach, SK Telecom operates a variety of programs for business partners, such as financial, R&D and training support, Two-way Communication program, Benefit Sharing program, and others. Another financial support programs is the "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Priority Settlement System" for SMEs requiring immediate cash settlements, the "Partner Finance Support System," the "Network Loan System" and others.
* SK Telecom provides R&D support in the form of the NATE Business Center and other test-bed facilities, as well as R&D funding through the Collaborative R&D Program (CRP).
* Training is provided via online and offline courses that seek to enhance the competitiveness and future competencies of SK Telecom’s business partners. In 2006, the nation’s first permanent education center, "SK Sang-saeng Academy," was established for our partners' management and staff.
* The Two-way Communication program fosters shared vision and strategies through regular offline meetings among business partners at the Partner On Camp. We directly visit our partner companies to hear their suggestions and problems through one-on-one meetings.
* Under the Benefit Sharing program, SK Telecom awards the "Partner Prize" each year to outstanding business partners and conducts other activities aimed at promoting shared benefits.
* Additionally, SK Telecom is expanding its presence in the global marketplace, including the U.S, and Vietnam, in close cooperation with our business partners. SK aim is to increase these alliances in new business areas through the "Open Idea Festival" where these partners are encouraged to propose new business ideas and models.
SK Telecom will continue to expand and deepen the Win-Win Partnership model, sharing with our business partners’ knowledge and enterprise culture and strengthening mutual sustainability (
SK’s Business Strategy Employee Policies and HRM
The objectives of SK Telecom’s HR policies are to maximize productivity per capita by procuring excellent talent through training and optimal use of its employees, and to become the world’s leading telecommunication company by strengthening the competitiveness of individual staff. SK Telecom’s foremost HR policy objectives are : ensuring a talent pool to achieve business goals, implementing a compensation system that produces high performance, and creating a speedy and flexible organization (
According to SK’s business strategies I believe SK human resource management supports their business strategy. In order for SK Telecom to grow and succeed in the global business market they have to consistently recruit, develop, and retain extraordinary talent by making optimal use of their human resources. When employees feel appreciated, receive adequate...

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