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Interior Design Education Requirements
Interior Design Education Requirements
Do you have a flair for color and style? Do you spot fashion trends for the home before the rest of the world catches on? Do you have an innovative way with fabric and an eye for business opportunities? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, a career in interior design might be what you're looking for.
What Does an Interior Designer Do?
An interior designer brings colors, textures, lighting and furniture together in a space in order to provide a pleasing look and ideal function.

Interior Design (BFA)
Other Programs:

* Interior Design (AS)

The Art Institutes system of schools
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Those who earn a certificate or Associate's degree are often hired as assistants to interior designers, while those who earn their Bachelor's degree can usually qualify for an apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship usually lasts one to three years and is often served at a design firm, architectural firm, or furniture store.
Many states require a license for interior designers to begin work. For those states that do require this, the National Council for Interior Design Qualification administers the exam. Applicants must have six years of combined education and interior design training, including two years of postsecondary education, to be eligible to take the test. Each state has its own interior design requirements for continuing education.
Interior Design Education: Specializations and Career Options
If an interior designer chooses to focus on kitchen and bath design, optional certifications are available through the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Memberships in associations, such as the American Society of Interior Designers, are often good steps for an interior designer as they build up their career.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), self-employment is common among interior designers. Some might work for small firms or find employment on a contract basis. Experienced designers who work with firms might advance to design department head, chief designer or other positions that put them in charge of up-and-coming designers. Some designers might branch off and open their own design firms.
Another option for experienced interior designers may be to teach in design schools. In this case, designers often continue to hold a small client base for private work and sometimes maintain a small firm to supplement classroom teachings for their students.
Interior Designer Salary and Career Outlook
According to the BLS, job growth for interior designers is expected to increase 13 percent during the decade leading up to 2022, or faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for designers is expected to be strong among homeowners who want to renovate or remodel their homes, businesses who want to create a more comfortable atmosphere for customers, and health care facilities that have the needs of an aging population in mind.
Interior designer salaries can vary widely depending upon years of experience, type of employer, and the specialty a designer chooses. According to the BLS, interior designers enjoyed an annual mean wage of $48,500 as of May 2013. However, many interior designers earned more. In fact, the top ten percent of designers earned an average of $89,060 that same year. Several states also reported a higher mean wage for interior designers, including the top three:

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