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Recruitment and retention tactics are the two main human resource functions which require strategic planning. However, business needs to recruit and retain its skilled and talented workforce within the firm in order to achieve business growth. The main purpose of this research is to develop a project plan with the aim to enhance recruitment and retention strategy for the future (Velasco and Marquez, 2015). The business undertaken for carrying out the current study is Thomas cook which is a ...view middle of the document...

However, working as a HR advisor of firm it has been advised that business is required to analyze importance of recruitment and retention strategies in order to successfully operate in foreign exchange market and to achieve organizational goals. It is crucial for the firm to carry out the best selection process with the aim to select skilled and qualified candidates which assists firm to develop effectual employee-customer relationship. Furthermore, Thomas cook management needs to undertake effective retention tactics by analyzing requirements of workers and fulfill it accordingly to retain them for long term within business (Withall, Jago and Fox, 2012). Also, they provide bonuses and incentives as per performance of employees to encourage them and attain results. However, both effective recruitment and retention strategies play a crucial role in supporting achievement of organizational goals. Enterprise needs to analyze its objectives i.e. they need to enhance its market share by 25% till 2020. Hence, accordingly they need to carry out recruitment and retention strategies to achieve such objectives.
Thomas cook aims to improve its cost effectiveness, quality of services and involvement of skilled employees so that they can help in making effectual decisions regarding attainment of success. However, the main scope of business is to maintain effective relationship with clients by promoting products and services of company on busy airports and public places which can be attained in 6 month time frame. Hence, such objective can be accomplished through recruiting skilled workers and providing them with effective training programs so that they can satisfy needs of customers and give them best travel experience (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012). Thus, management of the firm is required to identify its key activity areas and effectively plan the objectives so that results can be attained. Organizing training and development session is the main activity through which business can assists its workers to enhance its skills and knowledge and provide better services to customers in future.
Thomas cook is a globally recognized firm and it is operating in more than 40 countries. Therefore, it is crucial for business to undertake effectual recruitment and retention tactics so that skilled employees can easily fulfill order of clients. Business focuses on selecting dedicated workers who are committed in creating great experiences for their clients. Company selects skilled and qualified candidates so that they are able to maintain customer relationship. Moreover, in order to retain them for long term they provide them with attractive perks and benefits i.e. bonuses, promotions, job rotation and feedback so that they are satisfied from their job and give best services to consumers (Hurt, 2012). Following is the SMART objectives that need to be attained by firm within 6 months’ time frame-
Specific- Business is required to select...

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