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When asked, many people say that the use of is on the increase. Scientific evidence supports this view, with the UN warning last year of a 25% increase by 2050. The “War on Drugs” has been being fought since the beginning of the 1970s, largely to no avail. Perhaps a strategy of legalization, education and taxation would give better results.

It is a general economic rule, that as long as there is a demand for drugs there will always be a supply, unless scarcity occurs, but it doesn’t appear as if Colombia is running out of cocaine anytime soon. It is very difficult to control drug imports. There is no way to stop drug imports completely. By keeping a drug off the streets, ...view middle of the document...

That is what made it relatively easy for the first marijuana laws in the United States to be passed some 60 years ago, as there was still apartheid.

Legalizing drugs would benefit society in many ways. The legalization of drugs would deter criminal activities such turf-wars and drug related robberies. Lots of robberies are committed to obtain drugs, since prices soars every time there is a drug bust. Many gangs focus on the sale and distribution of drugs to make a profit; therefore, if drugs were legal there would not be so many gangs, fewer crimes, and less homicides to be committed because of drugs. This would also benefit society because the government would regulate the distribution and sales of the drugs. It would help with the spread of Aids because needles and other devices used to smoke the drugs would be handed out with the sale of each product. Therefore, heroin users and crack addicts would have the proper tools to use, and there would be no need to share these devices with other individuals that may be infected. Prohibition did not work for alcohol, and it does not work for drugs. People will get what they want, regardless of the cost. The only way to stop our society from consuming drugs is through education, not prison cells. I am not advocating the use of drugs, but I do not know of any person who has not done a drug just because it is illegal. If our government...

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