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Records Management Essay

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Abstract /Project summary

Problem statement – improper records management in the finance department .

What is records management?
Records management is a system to manage the creation, copying, distribution, filing, retrieval, storage and disposal of the records created or received in the course of business.

Records are information in any media created or received in the course of business, regardless of location or physical form.

They include not only paper and electronic files (including databases and e-mail) but also information stored in CDs, audio, video and data tapes, sound recordings, films, photographs, books, maps and many other media.

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Programme Objectives

Compliance with legal, tax and audit obligations
To enable the company to manage its records in accordance with all applicable legal, tax and audit obligations.

Business efficiency
To promote management of company records so as to maximise their use as a business resource.

Best practice in the creation, distribution and retention of records
To provide for the creation, distribution and retention of records only where there is an identifiable business reason or a legal, tax or audit obligation to do so.

Disposal of unneeded records and cost savings
To enable the company to identify and dispose of records for which there is no further business need or legal, tax or audit obligation to retain and so avoid unnecessary administration and storage costs.

Programme Principles & Responsibilities

Ownership of records
All records created or received by individuals engaged in the company's business (which may include contractors and secondees as well as employees) are the property of the company and do not belong to individuals, departments or functions.

Records management procedures enable the company easily and accurately to identify and manage its records.

Accountability for records management
The Board of Directors has overall accountability for the company's records.

Responsibility for records management is delegated to the General Manager.

Specific responsibility for the development and implementation of the records management policy and procedures is delegated to the Records Manager.

Policy compliance
The Board is responsible for ensuring implementation of the records management policy and procedures.

Retention and disposal practices are reviewed at least once a year in order to confirm that they are consistent with the policy.

The General Manager is required to make an annual compliance statement confirming that the company is compliant with Group Records Management Policy or will be compliant by a specified date.

Classification of records and retention periods
Formal procedures are established for identifying and recording the categories of records which the company has and for approving and recording the periods for which each category of record is to be retained.

Such procedures enable the company to document and classify its records by category and to manage the records within each category in accordance with their approved retention periods.

Creation, distribution and retention of records
Records should be created, distributed and retained only where there is an identifiable business reason or a legal, tax or audit obligation to do so.

Records should be stored in the most appropriate and cost-effective way.

Specific procedures are implemented for the long-term storage of records to ensure that they are preserved in good condition and to facilitate their retrieval when required.

Disposal of records
Records should be...

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