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Reconstruction Essay

1383 words - 6 pages

Reconstruction: The Post War Era
Lindsay Pone
Professor Goldstein
History 105
Strayer University

Reconstruction: The Post Civil War Era
Friday April 12, 1861, America embarked into war with its biggest adversary; America! The American Civil War broke out, and what was believed to be a quick battle by the North, turned out to be a long bloody four years and left the country devastated. President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, successfully lead this country through its greatest constitutional, military and moral crisis. Everything he did was in the best interest in preserving this nation to what it is today. If ...view middle of the document...

There are many historical events that happened during the reconstruction era that helped shape the course of America today. The first of the two events would be the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act was put into place to counter the harsh “black codes” that the south had emplaced on the newly freed black Americans. Black codes were any law that defined and especially limited the rights of former slaves after the Civil War (Schultz, 2012). These codes were modeled on the slave codes that existed before the Civil War. The Civil Right Act was the very first law that ever passed over a presidential veto. This bill granted all citizens mandatory rights, regardless of racial considerations. The Civil Rights Act has affected our country today because there are more black Americans sitting in high political positions. It has enabled this country to elect its first black President in Barack Obama. The second major historical event that has an impact on America today is the right to vote as so put forth in the fifteenth amendment. The fifteenth amendment, which was ratified on February 3, 1870, prohibited any state from denying citizens the rights to vote on the grounds of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. In today American society, every man and woman has the right to vote and cannot be denied that right to vote based on those characteristics noted in the fifteenth amendment. The hardest time during the right to vote reconstruction period was how it was outlined. Since the wording of the newly ratified amendment did not speak of women voting or women rights, women (both black and white) had faced the hardest time when it came to voting.
The time reconstruction would have been much different if President Lincoln had not been assassinated. Andrew Johnson was believed to have no backbone or power against the reconstruction of the south was such a headache. Although they sought to do well, they did it in extreme ways and would not take no for an answer.They were very influential in getting many laws passed. The biggest law that had their influence was the Civil Rights Act. It was vetoed by the president, meaning, the president was stopping an official action by legislation. The radical republicans that were in the House and Senates saw to the two-thirds rule was put into good use. If Lincoln was still alive during this time, he would have made the time of reconstruction less violently too and would have ensured that the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments would have been appropriately written to include women as well. The former president was one to take every action into consideration and would have foreseen that women in America will play a vital role in the development of this nation as well.
During reconstruction, a new social order took shape in the south. With the demise of slavery and the spread of market relations in the upcountry produced new systems of labor and new class structures among both black and white southerners....

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