Reconciliation For The Common Good Essay

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Reconciliation for the Common Good
Reconciliation involves building mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and other Australians that allow us to work together to solve problems and generate success that is in everyone's best interests. The process of Reconciliation formally began as a result of the Report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in 1991. The issue of Reconciliation is of great importance to common good because it helps avoid feelings of revenge, anger and hatred and a commitment to social justice as well as a way to ensure lasting peace and stability and to improve the relationship for the common good. Reconciliation aims to address the ...view middle of the document...

From the perspective of the stakeholder (The Australian Government) the following initiatives on the issue of Reconciliation for the common good were engaged, 1967 Referendum, 1992 Prime Minister Paul Keating addressing the issue of Reconciliation for Australians, establishment of National Reconciliation Week in 1996, tabling of the report of the National Inquiry into the Separations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families in 1997 and lastly in 2008, a formal apology on behalf of the Australian Parliament to Australia on reference to the Stolen Generations. The stakeholders that benefit from the Reconciliation process are the Australian Government and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This is because it lays down important steps towards building a respectful new relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It is also an important starting point for healing the past injustice that occurred. The Constitution of Australia, created in 1900, does not mention the Indigenous Australians. This is because when the Constitution was written, Indigenous Australians were largely considered to be an inferior race that was likely to die out. Their rights, cultures, history and prior occupation of Australia weren’t valued or considered important enough to be included in the Constitution. Furthermore, there is no current legislation that provides recognition or protection of Indigenous rights such as a treaty nor is there indication of any future change. (Reconciliation Australia, 21 September 2010).
Perspective B looks at Reconciliation Australia which is a national organisation. Their aim is to promote the subject of reconciliation between Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and the Australian community. Reconciliation Australia is involved in many projects such as Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP), Indigenous Governance, National Reconciliation Week, Indigenous Financial Services Network, Workplace Ready Program, Schools Program. In this perspective I will be exploring Reconciliation Action Plans, which is a program where businesses develop action plans on how they are able to contribute to the reconciliation process. Some of the action plans include, providing cultural awareness training, create jobs for Aboriginal people, acknowledging the traditional owners and of Aboriginal people as the custodians of the land at major meetings and events, form partnerships with Aboriginal organisations and sponsor events in remote Aboriginal communities. One example is of the Australian Catholic University (ACU). ACU states that “the University through its policies and practices will encourage greater participation of Indigenous people in tertiary education” (Australian Catholic University, 2011). This is an example of common good by ACU as it recognises the need to encourage education outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and young people also because education is area where the...

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